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Lose the Freshman 15: The Best Ways to Naturally Fuel


Hey Ladies!

As I said in my last post, finals are right around the corner I am STRESSED with a capital S. With my workload, internship, and other activities I need all the energy I can get. Before the Lose the Freshman 15 Program that meant downing Starbucks on Starbucks on Starbucks, but that’s not going to fly anymore.

With the help of the Self Drop 10 program I’ve learned that there are much better ways to naturally fuel that don’t come accompanied with a crash, like sugary coffee drinks do. For one, there is nothing like the post energy endorphins that you get after a nice hard run. These alone are enough to help me power through even the hardest paper.

In addition to that, one of my favorite ways to start the day in to replace my typical cup of coffee with a glass of ice cold water and the Honeyed Ricotta and Apple Wrap from Self’s program. Sure, it was tough getting past the lack-of-coffee headache for the first couple of days, but once I did I felt more energized than ever. Best of all the apples and whole-wheat combo provide a great protein-filled start to your day.

In addition to that, I’ve readjusted my sleep patterns to make sure I’m getting the perfect amount of sleep that my body needs per night. I’ve learned that eight hours is just the right amount for me. Anything more or less, and my energy is all out of wack for the day.

With these energy tactics I’m learning to keep my fuel up while avoiding a crash. Let me know some of your favorite healthy ways to energize in the comments!


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