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Lose the Freshman 15: The best of my Jump Start Diet experience

Tomorrow is my last weigh-in. I can’t believe that 10 weeks are already over and I graduate on Saturday!

Exciting times. I have learned so much from the Jump Start Diet that really has changed my life.
So, for those who may have jumped in on my journey halfway or just now, I thought I would do the best of the bests.

Best Fancy Meal: Italian Halibut Stew
I usually can’t afford to make fish because of the cost, but during Spring break my mom decided she’d love to give this recipe a try. Oh. My. Goodness. This had to be one of the most delicious, satisfying meals I’ve had throughout the entire experience. I never thought soup could be so good for dinner!

Best Affordable/Easy Dinner: Chicken with ‘Shrooms and Peppers
It guess it’s no surprise being Italian that I loved this staple during the past 10 weeks. With my George Foreman Grill and skillet, I was able to whip up this dish in maybe 15 minutes. LOVED IT!

Best Exercise without Gym: Cardio Sizzler
Who knew jumping up and down in your living room for 30 minutes could make you break such a sweat? The best part is you can switch it up any way you like—even if that means doing it to Rebecca Black’s FRIDAY.

Best Quick Grab Dinner: Kashi Black Bean Mango frozen dinner
This is probably the best frozen dinner I’ve ever had. As soon as I tried this frozen gem, I stocked my fridge immediately. Now, during stressful times like exams or late night shifts, I can grab this quickie without braking my diet.

Favorite Healthy Dessert: Frozen Banana Pops
Pop a banana on a stick and drizzle it with dark chocolate—what could be easier or better? This frozen treat was definitely one of my favorites. It took a while to eat so it felt like you had a lot of dessert. I definitely recommend this one.

Most Comfortable Workout Gear: New Balance Bonita Run Bra
Oh goodness was this the best little piece of workout gear ever. My DD’s were definitely appreciative of this gift from New Balance. For the first time, my “girls” were not aching after a vigorous routine of circuit training. With adjustable straps also on the sides, I definitely recommend this piece of comfort and support to any big-busted lady out there. (New Balance makes killer shoes too).

Biggest Noticeable Result: M y Looser Belt
They say pictures are more than 1000 words. I’ll let this one speak for itself.

Of course I had other favorites too. After all, I have to say that my experience with SELF magazine’s Jump Start Diet has been one of the best I’ve ever had my entire life. I hope you guys have given it a try as well. It’s totally worth it.

Ever want to talk health? Email me at [email protected] or tweet me anytime @Nikki_Roberti

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Nikki is a senior at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC majoring in journalism. Obsessed with all things magazines, she hopes to one day be a health editor for a publication in New York. She interned at Parents magazine through ASME and also reported on the hill in D.C. through the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire semester in Washington program. Currently, she is the Health Editor for Jaye Magazine and runs the health-meets-wedding planning blog, The Bloated Bride.
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