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Lessons in Love from Will & Kate

It’s hard to believe a year has gone by since our favorite Brits tied the knot during a not-so-private ceremony in front of 3 billion viewers. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t wake up at the crack of dawn to watch the nuptials. After waiting out an eight year courtship, the royal-obsessed public couldn’t get enough of Will and Kate on their wedding day (and of Pippa Middleton’s backside, for that matter). As if being young, rich and royal wasn’t enough to make us jealous, the newlyweds seem to have the perfect relationship. In honor of their one year anniversary, Her Campus put together love lessons for a collegiette’s life, brought to you by Will and Kate.

“All You Need is Love”

The Beatles got it right with this one. Although attractive blue-blooded women vied for William’s attention since his days as an adorable blonde teen, he chose Kate Middleton—of a working-class family of coal miners and builders—instead. Her father was a pilot and her mother was a stewardess for British airways; later, they created a party supply business that transformed their family into multi-millionaires. It may not have been the textbook choice Prince Charles was looking for for his son, but their relationship was enough to convince anyone, even the Queen of England, that these two were meant to be together. In the long run, it’s better to listen to your heart than anyone else.

Pressure from friends and family to be with a certain type of person can often lead you in the wrong direction. It may be beneficial to look at your relationship without any of the external factors and see if your personalities are compatible. Although Kate has no royal blood, William didn’t let that stop him from pursuing a relationship, and ultimately, a marriage.

Check Out Your Chums

Will and Kate met at St. Andrew’s University in 2001, where they both studied art history. Although in the beginning they were just friends (Kate was dating another guy), the world’s most eligible Prince allegedly paid $350 for a front row seat to watch Kate model swimsuits in a charity fashion show. It wasn’t until 2003 that Kate and William began seeing each other and not until 2005 that they officially became an item.

The romance of a new relationship may eventually wear off, so it is important to have a foundation of friendship. Kate and William were friends before they started dating, which made their relationship stronger. If you begin a relationship after a friendship, you know that person possesses the qualities you look for in a friend. If you do jump right into a romance, make sure your guy would get along with your friends, would support you and would be there for you when you needed him. Take a closer look at your guy friends—there may be a potential relationship on the horizon.

Find Your Own Cup of Tea

Don’t let having a boyfriend compromise your individuality. It’s always important to keep the things in your life that make you happy. Part of the reason that Will and Kate work so well together is their balance of interests. In a relationship, it’s important to maintain your independence—don’t compromise your hobbies if they are what you love to do. During their relationship, William focused on his military career while Kate was busy with volunteering and working as a fashion buyer for the women’s retail store, Jigsaw. When they did spend time together, they had fun as a couple.

Come Up Smelling of Roses

William and Kate took some time apart for themselves and for their relationship back in 2007. Even though they took a several month-long break, they kept closed mouths and respected each other’s privacy while still showing support for each other. Although they weren’t together, Kate attended the Concert for Diana, put on by William and Harry, which marked the tenth anniversary of her death. Their maturity during the time apart showed the trust that would be crucial in their relationship in the future.

Remember the old saying, “If you love something, set it free; if it comes back it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it was never meant to be?” It’s true that when you take a step back and look at your relationship, you can really see from a new perspective. Taking time apart can strengthen your relationship and prove it’s strong enough to last. Trying times show someone’s true colors, if it’s meant to be, time away from each other will be beneficial.

While William is away on military leave these days, Kate isn’t stressing about their relationship. The break they took before getting married proved to each other that although they could be independent individuals, they were better together. Because they respected each other during their break, they were able to come away from it with a healthier relationship.

Mind Your P’s and Q’s

As the Duke of Cambridge, Will has no problem impressing even the most important of people, but as Kate Middleton’s boyfriend, he took his job very seriously. William respects Kate and her family so much, and it’s obvious in his actions: before getting down on one knee, Will asked Kate’s father for permission to propose to his daughter. And the respect goes both ways. Kate took an etiquette class to prepare for life in the Royal Family and got to know William’s grandmother (The Queen) and his brother, Prince Harry. Harry surrendered his mother’s sapphire ring, his most treasured possession, to William and ultimately to Kate as a sign of love and respect for the two.

It’s really important to get along with each other’s family and friends, as they will be a support system for your relationship. It’s crucial for you to get along with the most important people in his life. Minding your P’s and Q’s reminds you to be on everyone’s good side… despite any differences!

Don’t Get Your Knickers in a Twist

Don’t take things too seriously! Having fun is one of the best things you can do as a couple. The newlyweds have been photographed traveling the globe, skiing, horseback riding and attending events hand-in-hand. Simply having fun together relieves the stress of everything else in your life and puts the focus on you and your relationship. In one interview, Prince William opened up about the beginnings of the Royal Relationship by revealing, “She’s got a really naughty sense of humor, which kind of helps me because I’ve got a really dry sense of humor, so it was good fun, we had a really good laugh and then things happened.”

Appreciate the time you have together by planning something fun to do, rather than your usual activities. If you’re always going to movies, go see a play or a comedy show. If your weekly date is always dinner out, try making a romantic dinner at home or baking something together. As a royal couple, Will and Kate have to attend many events that require poise and professionalism; being able to have fun and be silly balances their relationship and keeps things from getting to be too serious.

Keep Calm & Carry On

The public pressured William to propose to Kate immediately after they began dating. During their eight years of courtship, the press dubbed Kate, “Waity Katie,” but that didn’t stop the two from taking their time before finally getting married. Before Will proposed to Kate, the Royal Couple spent a two-week vacation in an isolated hut in the wilds of Kenya.

It’s easy to jump into a relationship and be fooled by the initial feeling of lust. Spending lots of time with someone is the only way to truly know if you want to be with them. Kate and Will had a lot of ups and downs under their belt before they finally decided to settle down.

So there you have it, 7 love lessons from the lives of the royal lovebirds that will strengthen your relationship. Harry may be the only Windsor bachelor left, but don’t give up hope; these tips from Will and Kate are enough to turn any guy into a Prince.

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