It's Not Complicated, Your Tampon Ingredients Matter

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You’ve probably heard about better-for-you beauty. You might have even looked at your foundation to read the label and felt inspired to make better decisions for your body, focusing more on simple ingredients. Now more than ever, conversations around what you’re putting on your body are happening—but how about what’s going in your body?

If you want to be mindful of products with simple ingredients, the best place to start is in the period product aisle. With just. 100 percent cotton core Tampons as well as Ultra Thin Pads featuring a 100 percent cotton top layer, you’re getting the ingredients you want, and nothing that you don’t (psst, both are free of dyes, fragrances, and chlorine bleaching). We’re always on the lookout for the most innovative, game-changing products here at Her Campus, so we’re so excited that just. created a line of tampons and pads with simple ingredients that deliver protection that really works.

And don't worry, just. never sacrifices any of the protection you're used to when developing period products with simple ingredients. You can count on them to keep the drama out of your period, leaving you feeling just as confident as if it were any other week of the month. 

We are so lucky to have period protection options available to us today that have drama-free ingredients. From beauty and health products to food and household items, we have the opportunity to choose products that are innovative options for our health, both inside and out. 

If you haven't yet made the switch to period products with simple ingredients, try just. 100% cotton core Tampons and Ultra Thin Pads with a 100% cotton top layer, and pick up a box at Walmart or

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