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It seems like a modern-day fairytale. You meet a guy at a party and you spend the entire night talking to him, really hitting it off. He seems super into you and you’re definitely digging him. You exchange numbers and before long, your daily texting leads to late night phone calls and steamy dates. Everything seems to be perfect until one day when everything changes. Suddenly, he seems distant – your texts go unanswered, he’s too busy to hang out, and he gives you one-word responses. What gives? You may have committed a collegiette cardinal sin and now he’s just not that into you. Here are the top 10 ways a collegiette can scare off a guy. Don’t let these happen to you!

1. Gossip His Ear Off

Sure, your best friend might love to gossip about your frenemy from your freshman floor and how she put on a few extra pounds eating cannolis when she studied abroad in Italy over the summer, but your guy won’t appreciate the information. As soon as a girl starts talking about someone behind their back, guys will think she is petty and insecure – a huge turnoff. Next time, save the dirt for your ladies’ wine night and try not to gossip in front of your man.

2. Join Textaholics Anonymous

When you like a guy (like, really like him) it becomes easy to toss your normal texting etiquette out the window. Instead of waiting for him to text you back, you start sending him two or three texts at a time, overusing emoticons, and sending way too many <3’s. No matter how tempting it may be, resist the urge to text him every waking moment of every day. If you text sparingly and let him initiate the texting every once and a while, he’ll be much more excited to see your name pop up on his screen and you won’t run out of things to talk about.

3. Drop the “L” Bomb

You really want to tell him how you truly feel: you’re in love and you want to shout it from the rooftop! I mean, he’s practically perfect (tall with blue eyes), you have amazing chemistry, and your grandma would definitely approve of him. So what if you’ve only known him for a week? Nothing, I repeat, nothing kills a relationship faster than someone saying “I love you” too soon. Your strong feelings in the beginning of a relationship can easily be mistaken for love, but in truth, those feelings take a long time to develop. There’s nothing wrong with a girl saying the “L” word first, just make sure you wait longer than a month before you say it.

4. Stalk his Facebook

Is his page the first thing you check when you log on to Facebook? Do you constantly mark your digital territory by writing on his wall, commenting on his statuses, and liking his photos? Do you feel the need to confront him whenever another female appears in one of his pictures? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be a Facebook fiend terrorizing him from your laptop. To keep yourself from scaring him away or accidently telling off his sister for appearing in his profile picture, block him from showing up on your news feed so you’re not tempted to stalk. Give the guy some personal space and try not to visit his page every day.

5. Become a Stage 5 Clinger

Thanks to Wedding Crashers, we now have this offensive term to describe an emotionally fragile female who becomes clingy and attached to a guy after sleeping with him. This girl will fall instantly in love with the guy who smiles at her in math class and will start planning her wedding the moment she gets home from a first date. Although this should come without saying – don’t be this girl! It can be easy to drive guys away if you read too far into their actions. Sometimes a drunken hook-up is just a drunken hook-up.
6. Over Share

No guy wants to hear a rundown of what you ate that day, what’s going on with your period, or a recap of the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars. Instead of sharing every little detail of your life with your man, keep some details to yourself. He’ll find the unknown intriguing and you’ll have an air of mystery about you.

7. Talk Like a Baby

Although it worked for Baby Spice in the ‘90s, when a collegiette acts like a little girl to try and impress a guy, she risks seeming annoying and phony. It’s anything but cute when a college-aged woman talks to a guy like a “whittle bwaby.” Be yourself and leave the baby talk for when you’re babysitting an actual baby. Coming up with a cutesy nickname for your guy too is sure to scare him away. But if you’re comfortable with each other and have pet names, just make sure you avoid using in public. Your friends will thank you.

8. Slip into Sloptart Territory

It’s fun to party and let loose every once in a while, but don’t go overboard. You don’t want to become known as the girl who constantly gets drunk and hooks up with frat guys at parties. Stories of your drunken hook-ups will spread quickly, especially if you go to a small school. Once a guy hears about your sloppy nights, he will no longer take you seriously and it’s unlikely he’ll see you as girlfriend potential.

9. Crash Guys’ Night

Just like you need your girl time, guys need a night out with their boys every once in a while. If he’s hanging out with his bros and doesn’t invite you, don’t take it personally. He knows that you find video games boring and would rather go shopping than watch the game. Take the opportunity to spend some much needed time with your girls and give him a chance to miss you.

10. Be Miss Dependent

Do you feel lost without your boyfriend by your side? Does the thought of flying solo give you heart palpitations? Not only does relying on a guy for everything make you super vulnerable and open to heartbreak, but this trait also has the potential of scaring guys away. No matter how “in love” you are, trying to spend every waking moment you’re your man can make him feel trapped. And you definitely don’t want to have constant text communication with him on the rare occasion that you’re apart! Most guys find strong, independent collegiettes incredibly smart, sexy, and the type of girl they want to be around.

Have you ever lost a guy using one of these 10 collegiette ways? Let us know in the comments below!

Kimberly is a senior at The College of New Jersey studying journalism and communications. Currently, she is She's the First intern, co-founder/president of She's the First*{TCNJ}, co-News Editor for Her Campus TCNJ, and Webmaster for TCNJ's chapter of Ed2010. Before transferring to TCNJ, Kimberly graduated from Burlington County College where she was elected to BCC’s Board of Trustees and served as Alumni Trustee from 2011-2012. When she isn't curled up in a corner reading or hunched over her desk writing at 2 a.m., she can be found on the stage - acting, singing, directing or costume designing. Kimberly dreams of pursuing a career in magazine journalism, while performing in her “spare” time. You can follow Kimberly on Twitter @KimberlyDHorner or visit kimberlydhorner.com to learn about her recent projects.
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