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How to Be the Perfect Party Girl—Not THAT Girl

Cyndi wasn’t kidding when she said “girls just want to have fun.”  Any self-respecting collegiette™ knows it’s natural to get a little crazy on the weekends.  But how far is too far?  How can you be a party girl without being THAT girl?  I’ve acquired tips and tricks from various campus professionals in the arena of partying (my friends) and have found that you really can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to going out.  I’ll illustrate with a few examples:

A Party Girl THAT Girl
-Takes full advantage of a Thursday night out when she doesn’t have class ‘til 2 pm on Fridays.
- Takes full advantage of a Thursday night out and shows up pale-shaking-raspy-voiced-hungover to her 9 am class on Friday.
- Always gets a ride home after a night sleeping elsewhere.
- Walks through campus, heels in hand, blatantly advertising to the campus community that she just got some.
- Knows when to stop posing for pictures.
- Doesn’t.

Lilo should have stepped out of the shot for this one.

- Flirts but doesn’t touch. - Is ALL OVER the tight end for the football team at the bar.
- Rocks an outfit she can get down in—no complicated straps, stifling skirts, etc. - Takes the thong-and-too-short-skirt look to another level.
- Has at least one marketable skill, be it beer pong, flip cup, slap cup . . . - Has no marketable skills but is willing to try everything.  All in one night.
- Circulates, circulates, circulates. - Traps unsuspecting party-goers into listening to the story of her recent break-up, complete with intermittent sobs and expletives directed at the man who’s done her wrong.

The perfect party girl is discreet.  The key to not getting a bad reputation is to have fun and know when to cool it (or at least stay out of the range of a digital camera).  There’s no shame in going out, just make sure you keep it together when you do!  Now go make Cyndi proud.

Allie Jones is an English and American Studies double major at the College of William and Mary.  She's interned at W magazine and is currently the Senior News Editor at The Virginia Informer.  When she’s not chatting up colonial impersonators in Williamsburg, Allie drinks too much black coffee and thinks about going to the gym. She enjoys singing for her friends and planning parties for her chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Allie looks up to Liz Lemon, Carrie Bradshaw and Jon Stewart; 2 ½ of which, she realizes, are fictional characters. You can find out more about the high-brow television programs she watches over at her Twitter, @allierileyjones. 
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