Famously Fit Celebs: How to Score Bodies Like Theirs

You’ve seen their amazing arms, gorgeous gams and fit, flab-free stomachs splashed across pages of fitness magazines. They’re the women who inspire us to be both fit and healthy through proper diet and exercise.
Here’s how they get their awesome bodies – and continue to be some of the most popular role models for collegiettes everywhere today.
Carrie Underwood

Before Underwood became the superstar she is today, she made headlines on Season Four of American Idol. But her time spent traveling and rehearsing with the show introduced her to an unhealthy lifestyle. She ate out all the time and was too busy for exercise, causing her to gain 20 pounds.
Her eating habits and lifestyle have changed dramatically since then, landing her on the cover of several major fitness magazines. She works out in the mornings, carries around a notebook to log her daily food and drink choices and is also a vegetarian who loves carbs like pasta and pizza – but makes sure to limit them in her diet.
Instead, she sticks to snacks like almonds, vegetables and hummus, almonds and apples. Some of her other favorites include Hostess 100-calorie packs, Subway sandwiches and Kashi cereal.
To maintain her fit figure, she takes Krav Maga (a type of martial arts) classes. She also follows an intense 90-minute workout four to six times each week. The routine begins with 10 to 15 minutes of walking, then jogging on a treadmill, stretches on a mat with a foam roller, followed by push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, jump squats and step exercises and ends with more activity on the treadmill, crunches and stretches.
Jessica Biel

If we had Justin Timberlake as our fitness partner, we’d probably exercise as hard as Biel, too.
Her killer arms, courtesy of tough plank intervals, capture everyone’s attention on the big screen. To avoid falling into a workout rut, Biel keeps her routines fresh and challenging with all types of athletic adventures and workouts, like circuit training with heavy lifting, which strengthen her different muscle groups. She hikes, bikes, turns to yoga twice a week to lengthen muscles, plays volleyball on the weekend and attends dance classes. And she even took a trip up Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2009!
But she also knows she must pair her awesome workout regimens with a good diet. She typically eats complex carbs early in the morning, and snacks on fruit later in the day. For dinner, Biel sticks mostly to fish and veggies. She also makes sure to not deprive herself when her sweet tooth kicks in. The key for Biel, however, is enjoying those indulgences in moderation.
“I think she is a really positive body image for girls to look up to,” said Kelsie Johnston, a University of Florida junior. “She portrays realistic expectations for young women, and shows us that health and fitness is not all about calorie-counting.”