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Exclusive Interview With America’s Hottest College Guy

For weeks, collegiettes across America pined over the cutie from Virginia Commonwealth University, casting their votes and crossing their fingers that he would move on to the next round in the search for America’s Hottest College Guy.

Collegiette’s prayers were answered as that Matt Mitchell from VCU picked up more than 10,000 votes and edged out 31 adversaries to claim the title of America’s Hottest College Guy

We were dying to get to know Matt better (you know you were too) so we had some one-on-one time to ask him a few questions about this impressive victory. Read on for HC’s exclusive interview with America’s Hottest College Guy, HC’s Ultimate Campus Cutie.

HC: Matt Mitchell, how does it feel to be voted the "Hottest College Guy in America?"
It feels completely amazing and shocking to be voted the hottest college guy in America.

HC: When you were profiled by Her Campus VCU back in October, you mentioned that you were single. Do you plan to use 'I was voted "The Hottest College Guy in America" as a pickup line?
I have had the subject of being the hottest college guy in America come up in conversations, but I am pretty modest about it all and wouldn't pick up a girl solely because of my title.

HC: When did you know that you had been nominated and what type of support did you have on campus?
My nominator of campus cutie contacted me and nominated me for hottest college guy in America with a few days left for nominations to be sent in. A lot of my friends contacted me and voted for me mostly because of the VCU HerCampus website and also Facebook, Twitter, etc.

HC: What would be three words you'd use to describe yourself?
Funny, genuine, and social.

HC: If anyone could play you in a movie, who would you pick?
It would be a toss up between Taylor Lautner and Ashton Kutcher.

HC: What is your major and perhaps, what has been your favorite class to date at VCU?
I am an advertising major at VCU. I would have to say my favorite class has been Marketing and learning about branding and its ties to advertising.

HC: What are your guilty pleasures, if any?
One of my guilty pleasures is to learn a new song or practice guitar when I have a test coming up. It helps me take a break from studying and is a great stress reliever.

HC: Care to give a victory speech, or statement? 
I would really like to thank everyone who voted for me at VCU and all other schools/areas everywhere else. Thank you Chelsea Kubo for entering me as a Campus Cutie and starting this whole competition for me. I'd like to thank HerCampus and all family and friends who supported me from the beginning. Most of all, I want to thank my Mom for voting for me thousands of times and for being the first person to contact me every Friday morning during the competition to tell me I'd made it to the next round.

Are you smitten with Matt like we are? Don’t forget to check back in just a few short weeks when he matches up against The Hottest University Guy from the UK, Matt (how ironic!), and The Hottest University Guy from Canada, Avi, for the title of The Hottest College Guy in the World – The Ultimate Campus Cutie. 

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