Everything You Need For a Fresh Start This Fall Semester

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Sure, syllabus week is filled with the excitement of move-in, seeing your campus pals again after a long summer, and the promise of a pretty low-key week of lectures. But itā€™s also your one shot at establishing habits and routines that will carry you through the rest of the semester. Thatā€™s why weā€™ve partnered withĀ OtterBox,Ā FebrezeĀ®,Ā Steripod,Ā Garnier, andĀ JuicePlus+Ā to set you up with all the essentials you need for a fresh start this semester. Shop all of our editorsā€™ essentials below!Ā Ā 

  1. 1. A case upgrade fromĀ OtterBox

    No more finding memes from a cracked screen.Ā OtterBoxā€™sĀ new Symmetry Series casesĀ offer the sameĀ Certified Drop+ Protection, but from the brandā€™s slimmest design to date. Pro Tip: Upgrade to theĀ Otter + Pop Symmetry Series caseĀ for a built-inĀ PopSocketĀ for extra grip and personalization.Ā Ā 

  2. 2. A breath of fresh air from FebrezeĀ®

    Wake up and smell...your roommate.Ā FebrezeĀ®AirĀ Purifiers knows dorm life isnā€™t always the most olfactory-friendly, which is why theĀ FebrezeĀ®Ā OdorGrabĀ® Air CleanerĀ is totally clutch when it comes to filtering out odors from someone elseā€™s cooking, pet, or tobacco use.Ā OdorGrabĀ® filters the air you breathe for quality, then circulates a (dare I say) delightful, fresh scent.Ā 

  3. 3. French beauty secrets from Garnier

    The French arenā€™t just good for fine wine and baguettes. Ask the study abroad kidsā€”they're skincare secrets are BOMB, too. This semester, Iā€™ll be doing my skin a favor and ditching the abrasive acne scrubs (theyā€™re no good for your skin in the long run) for Garnierā€™sĀ All-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water. Micelles capture (then lift away) dirt and grime to remove makeup and cleanse the skin in one stepā€”so thereā€™s no reason not to wash your face.Ā Post-cleanse,Ā spritz with Garnierā€™sĀ Soothing Facial Mist with Rose WaterĀ to hydrate or lock in your favorite moisturizer. Pro tip: this baby also works double duty as a makeup primer or makeup setting spray.Ā Ā 

  4. 4. Basic hygiene (yes, Iā€™m looking at you girl with the same toothbrush from last year) fromĀ Steripod

    Itā€™s fun to plan your skin, hair, and body routine for the semester, but donā€™t forget about basic hygiene. Keep your toothbrush protected from mysterious communal bathroom splash withĀ Steripodā€™sĀ Clip-On Toothbrush Protector. Thymol (found in most mouthwashes) keeps your toothbrush protected from cross-contamination if you share a toothbrush holder, plus keeps your toothbrush smelling super fresh. While youā€™re at it, keep your tongue free from bad-breath-inducing grime withĀ SteripodĀ Tongue Cleaner and protect your razor from shower scum withĀ SteripodĀ Razor Protector. Pro tip: bundle ā€˜emĀ all with theĀ SteripodĀ Kit for Women.Ā Ā 

  5. 5. Nutrition on-the-go withĀ JuicePlus+

    Girl...I know your schedule is wild. If youā€™reĀ hopping between class, to your internship, to your part-time job and back again this semester, make sure youā€™re taking care of YOU in-between engagements.Ā Complete byĀ JuicePlus+Ā offers shake mixes made fromĀ fruits, veggies and grains, for vegan nutrition that goes as many places as you do. Use it to power your body pre or post-workout, for quick nutrition between classes, or to round out your daily diet with common nutrients youā€™re probably, definitely skimping on.Ā Ā 

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