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Cute Winter Workout Look with Famous Footwear

Hey collegiettes!

I used to just wear whatever to the gym- a grungy t-shirt, shorts I’d had since freshman year of high school, and boring mostly white sneakers.  Then somehow I finally realized that there are loads and loads of cute gym clothes and gym shoes out there, and that it was way more fun (and motivating!) to work out when I felt like I looked cute, not to mention it came in handy for those times when I went straight from working out to running errands or meeting up with friends, etc.  So in the past year or so I’ve totally revamped my workout wardrobe so that I now have clothes I actually feel confident wearing while I work out!

Looking cute while working out in the winter can be a bigger challenge, especially since I like to run outside and it’s COLD and slushy (at least in Boston!).

Check out my look below to rock for winter workouts.  I’ll wear a simple tank underneath, and then add this Under Armour zip-up jacket to stay warm (and stylish!), these Forever21 black workout leggings for some insulation on a budget, this LeSportsac tote if I’m headed to the gym, and I’ll top (or bottom!) it all off with the Asics Gel-Enhance Ultra sneakers in navy/mint/teal.  These sneakers are perfect because they’re colorful enough to add some interest, but the dark background keeps them from getting dirty and gross-looking when I’m running through slushy streets.  Head over to Famous Footwear to get your own pair–only $79.99.

Famous Footwear Asics Gel-Enhance Ultra Look

What are your favorite winter workout clothes?  Leave a comment!

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