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Baseball? More like BABEball: Our Top Ten Favorite Hotties of the MLB


While RBI’s, batting averages and number of stolen bases are great and all, we here at HC thought we would provide our collegiettes with a slightly more useful rating system when it came to this year’s top Major League Baseball players. Hard working on the field and easy on the eyes, we’ve compiled ten hotties you’ve gotta check out on the diamond this spring. From swoon-worthy rookies to babes with All-Star batting averages, baseball just might become your new favorite sport after checking out our top ten list.

Matt Kemp

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
Position: Centerfield
Why We Love Him: Not only does this guy’s list of former girlfriends include none other than Rihanna, but Kemp also makes an effort to use his baseball career to give back in any way he can, like appearing on Sesame Street earlier this year. Professional athlete, gorgeous eyes and good with kids? Sounds like the perfect trifecta. Call us, Kemp!

Nick Markakis

Team: Baltimore Orioles
Position: Outfielder
Alma Mater: Young Harris College
Why We Love Him: Markakis is a hottie with a heart. Not only has he become the standout star of the O’s season thus far, but Markakis has also used his career success to start his own foundation, The Right Side, in 2009. A group that uses its resources to help distressed or at risk children in Maryland, The Right Side has helped to improve the lives of thousands of children in the Baltimore area. Unfortunately this left-handed stud is married and has two children, but a girl can dream, right?!

Justin Verlander

Team: Detroit Tigers  
Position: Pitcher
Alma Mater: Old Dominion University
Why We Love Him: Apparently once you become one of the best pitchers in the league, even Kate Upton can’t keep her hands off of you! Verlander and the young supermodel were linked together earlier this year, right before the Tiger went on to make 2013 his best season ever. Recipient of the very prestigious Cy Young award in 2011, Verlander is reportedly now the highest paid pitcher in the MLB according to ESPN. Tall, talented, handsome AND loaded?! That’s what we call a home run.

Bryce Harper

Team: Washington Nationals
Position: Outfielder
Why We Love Him: Originally from Las Vegas, this underage all-star has graced the east coast with his baseball talent and gorgeous grin. And the Nat’s favorite 20-year-old has proved to DC sports fans that talent is not dependent on age, after the blue-eyed babe was named the National League’s Rookie of the Year in 2012. Although this up-and-coming hottie may not be old enough to drink yet, we still consider him a grand slam.

Joe Mauer

Team: Minnesota Twins
Position: Catcher
Why We Love Him: Given his good looks and established catching career, it’s no surprise that Sony picked Mauer as the cover athlete for their MLB: 10 and MLB: 11 games. Mauer’s impressive record has also helped to make him the unofficial poster child for Minnesota, as he appears in magazines and commercials promoting the state. And as the highest paid player on the Twins with his 2013 contract of 23 million, it’s safe to say Mauer is more than a great catch.


Jacoby Ellsbury

Team: Boston Red Sox
Position: Center Fielder
Alma Mater: Oregon State University
Why We Love Him: As if being one of the top five highest paid Red Sox wasn’t bragging rights enough, this Oregon native was also the 2011 recipient of the Silver Slugger Award. This being said, the best part about Ellsbury has gotta be his philanthropy. In 2010, he released a self-titled Zinfandel wine for sale, “Zinfandellsbury”, in which all of the proceeds went to a charity fighting world hunger. A tall, dark and handsome wine lover?! We’ll take it!

Mike Trout

Team: Los Angeles Angels  
Position: Outfielder
Why We Love Him: 2012’s American League Rookie of the Year looks almost as good as his salary prospects given his early success in the MLB. Originally from New Jersey, this 21-year-old started his career with a bang and has continued to impress even baseball veterans with his record of 80 runs in 81 games. California collegiettes, this one is all you!

David Wright

Team: New York Mets
Position: Third baseman
Why We Love Him: This Met’s star not only earned a reported 15 million dollars in 2012, but also heads his own charitable organization, The David Wright Foundation, whose proceeds have gone to benefit multiple sclerosis centers in the New York area. Originally from Virginia, Wright has been named an MLB All Star six times, boasts two Golden Glove Awards and has won our title as one of the hottest in the League.

Ryan Braun

Team: Milwaukee Brewers
Position: Left fielder
Alma Mater: University of Miami
Why We Love Him: Along with being a star hitter and arguably the best looking player of Wisconsin’s home team, Braun has taken his baseball success to the next level by becoming an entrepreneur as well as a star athlete. The California native has opened two restaurants in the Milwaukee area and recently signed on for a third investment with none other than Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. A baseball stud and businessman? Sounds good to us!

Derek Jeter

Team: New York Yankees
Position: Shortstop
Why We Love Him: We all know this countdown wouldn’t be complete without including an old favorite, and who better than former World Series MVP Derek Jeter? Legendary baseball skills combined with outrageous good looks, we can firmly attest that regardless of what number he is on the field, Jetes will always be number one in our hearts. And with a dating resume that includes Jessica Alba and Minka Kelly, it certainly seems we’re not the only ones who feel this way about the star of the Yanks.


Abigail Colby is a current senior at Salisbury University in her native state of Maryland. Before writing and blogging for Her Campus, she worked on the entertainment team for College Magazine and founded her own column, Party Girl Problems, in SU's student newspaper. Along with working as a writer, Abigail is a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha and member of Saisbury Univeristy's Center for Civic Activism. She is also a self-admitted online shopping addict, huge Baltimore Ravens fan (ya know, the Superbowl champs), and loves being out on the water. Puppies and cupcakes are pretty high on the list as well. Enjoy!!  
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