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9 Ways Reading Erotica Improves Your Life

With the recent debut of the 50 Shades Darker movie, everyone’s talking about BDSM, kinky sex and erotica. Once secretly kept in bedside drawers, erotic stories are now mainstream and no one thinks twice when they hear that you’re reading about the sex they wish they were having.

But what is it about erotica that’s so appealing? Is it the sexy stories? Is it about getting your mind deep in the gutter? Is it about getting off?

Well, the erotica boom is a combination of these three things and more. Here are nine reasons you should pick up an erotic story or two and spend time with some leisurely reading.

It’s Like a Brain Vacation

When you sit down with a good erotica story, it’s easy to get swept away in the details. They’re often filled with vivid descriptions, steamy dialogue and raunchy sex scenes. That makes it easy to become absorbed in the story and stop worrying about the dishes in the sink or what you need to put on the grocery list. Instead, you can let your mind wander away with the muscular cowboy who never seems to wear a shirt.

It Turns You On

Let’s face it, erotica is hot. It gets you thinking about sex. About passion. About wanting someone so bad you just want to tear into them. And that turns you on. And when you’re aroused, you get not only a quick boost to your libido, but a long term one as well. After all, it’s arousal that increases your sex drive and keeps you coming back for more.

Most Likely Leads to Orgasms

And if erotica is turning you on, chances are, one way or another, you’ll probably end up having a few orgasms. And one of the great things about orgasms is they bring you benefits whether you enjoy them alone or with a partner. Orgasms feel fantastic. They lower your blood pressure and they increase the love hormone oxytocin, increasing your bonding and giving you that “in love” feeling.

Relieves Stress

But oxytocin does more than create butterflies in your stomach and enhance bonding, it also helps you relax. That’s because when oxytocin is released in the hypothalamus, it stimulates feelings of warmth and relaxation. It also leads to a decrease in activity in the amygdala, the part of the brain where fear and anxiety spawn.

Helps You Sleep Better

Orgasms have been shown to be as effective as prescription sleeping medication in helping people fall asleep at night. That’s because the feel good chemicals that get released when your orgasm create a sedative effect, getting you prepped for a long night’s rest.

Reduces Pain Levels

One of the great benefits of orgasms is they help reduce pain levels, especially pain associated with arthritis and migraines. Research states this is from the blend of oxytocin and endorphins that are released during orgasm. One study found that women’s pain tolerance increased by 74.6 percent after they masturbation to orgasm. And unlike pain relievers you get from the pharmacy, these natural pain killers don’t reduce sensitivity or feeling, ensuring you get the most pleasure possible from stimulation.

Teaches You to Be Creative

While most women understand that erotic stories are just fiction, erotica can help you add some creativity in the bedroom. Maybe you’ve never thought about being spanked, but after reading a spanking story, you’re intrigued about the idea. By reading different types of erotica, you open up both your mind and your bedroom to new, previously-untried sexual adventures.

Helps You Get Vocal

Maybe you’ve always been a quiet one between the sheets. Reading erotica can help you overcome your shyness and learn what words to put together to help you find your voice in bed. Now you can whisper your own sweet nothings in your lover’s ear without fearing that you sound like a fool. If the idea of ad-libbing makes your clam up, try reading some sexy stories together. Who knows, it may become your favorite type of foreplay.

Be a Secret Freak

We all have those secret sex fantasies and erotica gives you a way to safely explore them. Because sure a gang-bang sounds nice, but in reality that’s a whole lot of man sweat and spunk. Eventually you’re going to get sore and you’ll want someone to go down on you but no one is going near the vagina that just hosted 25 different penises with their mouth. But when you read it in a story, you get to experience all the fun without the hassle and it becomes a win-win situation.

What it comes down to is reading erotica is fun, entertaining, and good for your sex life. It gives your mind a break and can lead to more orgasms and better sex. What’s not to love about that?

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