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7 Dating Apps You Won’t Believe Exist

We’ve all heard our fair share of horror stories from Tinder. Who knew there were far more—and far creepier—dating apps out there? Take a look at these creepy, crazy and just plain odd apps, all aimed at finding you Mr. or Ms. Right (but in the weirdest ways possible).

1. On the Rebound 

On the Rebound is a great dating app to try if you consider a super stalker-y program that analyzes your Facebook friends’ dating history to be an organic way of meeting your next love interest.

Using a systematic method of data searching, this app will give you the best time to ask out your Facebook friend by investigating up to six years of his or her dating record (that is, if they made their relationships FBO). The app then provides a statistical overview of your friend’s relationships (such as how long your friend and his or her ex-SO dated for, how long until the friend dated again, etc.) and can suggest “Rebound Ratings” and when would be best for you to ask the friend out.

This app does promise to stalk the eye candy you’ve been checking out (which, yes, is something we would be doing anyway), but still, it’s kind of creepy to have to use an app to tell you when he or she is going to be looking for a rebound. (Don’t forget, that rebound is you. Knowing the perfect time to hit him or her up doesn’t sound so great now, does it?) But hey, at least the app has one thing going for them: Their promising catchphrase that they “never post on your Facebook wall… ever.”

Oh, and according to their website, they politely ask that if the app does “help you get laid,” please let them know by sending them an email. Classy.

2. Flavor Connect

Gone are the days when people connected over similar interests, passions and hobbies. Now, we are apparently expected to find love based on our…candy flavor? If you want finding your next hook-up to be based on the sweet, sweet flavors of lemon or vanilla (which we don’t recommend), then check out Flavor Connect.

With a simple sign-up requiring an email and a questionnaire that requires you to describe your body type (choices range from “average” to “a few extra pounds”), this app will help you find your “flavor of love” based on what kind of relationship you’re looking for. Like the idea of a fantasy relationship? Chocolate is your flavor! Not in the mood for anything serious? Well, in that case, you must be strawberry. Looking for a friendly relationship? You must be lemon! Sit back and relax while Flavor Connect finds you a similar-tasting SO!

3. Luxy

Who wouldn’t want to try out a dating app that describes itself as “Tinder, minus the poor people”?  Luxy, the app for the wealthy and beautiful, provides an exclusive channel in which people of a certain income and status level can connect and meet each other. According to Luxy, their clientele includes CEOs, celebrities, athletes and doctors. This app will help to connect you with other wealthy individuals based on the brands you display on your profile page (think BMW, Rolex and Chanel) and through a private messaging system on the app (however, you can only send a message if both parties “like” each other, and, according to the app, there are “no undesirable contacts” allowed). And, if you are a “con artist” or “compulsive liar” who managed to circumvent Luxy’s specific requirements for access to the app, then be warned: They will weed you out. 

So if you have an average income of at least $250,000, are in the top 1 percent or wouldn’t mind going through an income verification process (the app reports that this feature is currently the next feature to be implemented), then check out Luxy (or, you know, just… don’t).

4. Cuddlr

Ever just want to cuddle? This is the question posed by Cuddlr, the app that will give you walking directions to your nearest buddy for a quick…well, cuddle.

This app will provide you with the first name, picture and past cuddling reviews of other willing cuddlrs near you. If both parties agree to cuddle, you can write a short message (to trade info, presumably) and then follow the real-time map directions to the other’s location. Rate the cuddle after or share a picture of how snuggly you two got!

Sure, this app’s pitch is a lot more fun sounding than On the Rebound or even Tinder, and yes, a low-key snuggle here or there does sound enticing, but really? Indulging your desires for meaningless cuddles with total randos? Not only does this sound like a psycho horror story waiting to happen (getting the, “Hey, wanna come to my apartment for a cuddle?” message from a total stranger doesn’t exactly sound safe), but we doubt it will help you find your next SO either. Single you plus meaningless cuddles equals feeling even more lost and alone afterwards.

5. Carrot Dating

Forget dating the old-fashioned, organic way. Why not bribe your way to a date?

The app Carrot Dating encourages you to dangle the right carrot in front of a person you’re interested in by attempting to bribe him or her with something that will land you a date.  Flowers? A fun-filled, awesome afternoon? These might not seem so bad. But jewelry? Money? A tattoo? Enter the weirdness.

This app requires a simple email-based signup and asks a few demographic questions. After that, feel free to find out what people are willing to exchange for a date with you (or, again…don’t). 

Carrot Dating comes from the creator of other just as creepy-sounding web ventures including SeekingArrangment.com (described on Carrot Dating as “the leading sugar daddy dating website”), WhatsYourPrice.com and SeekingMillionaire.com (both pretty self-explanatory…and equally as creepy).

6. InstaDo

Invite that Facebook friend you’ve been eyeing lately out on a date through the InstaDo app. Or, as the app’s name suggests, simply invite him or her to “Do It” with you. Whether you ask your friend for a date or a do, your private Facebook notification invitation remains a secret until the person replies with his or her suggestion of date activity, like going to a movie, a nice dinner or simply out for coffee; the app will then suggest the most PG-13 of the two. Facebook chat will automatically open so that you can plan your date or do! Creepy? Yes. A little forward? Absolutely. But hey, to each their own.

7.  Revealr

The idea behind dating app Revealr actually sounds like a good idea in theory: becoming interested in someone based on something other than his or her looks.

How do you do this? Sign up for a dating app that doesn’t let you see the photo of the person until you determine whether you are actually interested. Revealr helps you determine this by prompting you to listen to a 20-second clip of the person’s voice. If the audio clip interests you, then swipe right. The pixelated image of the person that accompanies the audio clip will become clear if the person is also mutually interested in you. 

While not as creepy as the above dating apps, Revealr is just one more of those rather odd dating apps that we’re surprised actually exists.

While Tinder continues to dominate in the mobile app dating/hook-up scene, sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are a lot of other, far weirder apps out there that people actually use. From dangling carrots to pressure-free cuddles, there are apparently a lot more ways to start a relationship these days (none of which we suggest).

Malone Ryan is a junior at John Carroll University where she is majoring in IMC and PR and still trying to find a way to minor in memes and/or the study of Sephora. In addition to Her Campus, she has been published in several other print and online publications including USA TODAY College, The Village, Capital Style and more. An avid traveler, Malone has completed global intern and work experience in cities including Columbus, Cleveland, London and Rome. Learn more about Malone by following her Twitter @dylanmaloneryan or Instagram @maloneryan13