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7 ‘Bachelorette’ Dates That Would Be Real-Life Disasters

Whether it’s one-on-one or a group date, The Bachelorette has certainly pushed the limits when it comes to ridiculous dates. Many of the Bachelorettes have been pampered with private concerts, fancy dinners and unlimited shopping sprees, while others weren’t so lucky. There have been tons of crazy dates over the show’s 11 seasons of matchmaking (with #12 in the works), but these seven are definitely the worst. If you’re looking for ideas for your next date night, you’ll be better off if you avoid these ones!

1. Polka Dancing

Season 10, episode 8

During season 10, Nick took Bachelorette Andi out polka dancing in his hometown. Andi may have been all smiles during the show, but in the real world, this date idea could be a little too much, especially if you’re still getting to know each other. Imagine trying to find that special spark with someone while simultaneously trying to learn polka choreography. On top of that, this is a serious opportunity for embarrassment if you don’t consider yourself the dancing type. Leave the polka for Dancing with the Stars.

2. Tractor Ride

Season 10, episode 8

A cornfield doesn’t usually come to mind when planning a perfect date, but that’s not the case for this bachelor. Chris took Andi out for a tractor ride during his hometown date. Ice-skating, go-karts and amusement parks are all popular hot spots for a date, but a tractor ride doesn’t really scream romance. Andi may have been impressed that this bachelor had his own house, but not so much his own tractor. Not to mention the trouble it would take to find a suitable wardrobe. Are there guidelines for what to wear on a tractor date? For the sake of your fancy footwear, skip the tractor.

3. Dodgeball

Season 9, episode 3

One of the strangest group dates of season nine involved a competitive game of dodgeball. Bachelorette Desiree made them dress up in short shorts (awkward much?) and try to impress her with their sports skills. While athletic-themed dates can be fun, there’s a serious difference between hitting the batting cages and playing group dodgeball. This isn’t high school gym class! No matter how sporty you or your date may be, throwing dodgeballs probably won’t end well. One of the bachelors even broke his finger during the game. Nothing kills the mood more than an injury on a date, especially when it happens after you’re pelted in the face with a rubber ball. 

4. Puppet Show

Season 8, episode 8

Although Bachelorette Emily from season eight seemed to be on board, a puppet show in an ancient library would probably be one of the most boring dates ever, not to mention a little creepy. To be honest, it kind of sounds like the plot of a horror movie. If there were a list of all the activities you could do on a date, a puppet show wouldn’t even the make the list. Acting as a puppeteer isn’t an activity you do to spend intimate time with someone. This bachelor should have pulled some different strings to plan a more romantic date—maybe one that didn’t make Emily look so uncomfortable. Unless you can get the Muppets themselves to accompany you on your date, save the puppet show idea as a last resort. The absolute last. 

5. Flash mob

Season 7, episode 3

Flash mobs were once a cool craze, but not exactly a great plan for a date. Season seven Bachelorette Ashley embraced the opportunity to be a part of a flash mob. The planning and preparation is already too much for a date without the execution of the flash mob itself. Bachelor Ben even admitted that this was in fact “the most ridiculous first date [he’s] ever been on.” Learning a spontaneous dance with a group of people might be fun in some settings, but a date doesn’t really seem like the right time. The one time a flash mob mixes well with romance is during a surprise proposal. So if no one is popping the question, let’s agree to avoid it. 

6. Lie detector test

Season 10, episode 6

While honesty is an important part of any potential relationship, making your date take a lie detector test is pretty extreme. In fact, it’s crazy. There are so many ways this date could end badly—if the person even stuck around long enough to see the end. Even though Andi decided not to look at the results of the tests, this still seems pretty invasive. The only way this date would be successful is if your goal was to scare the person away. Trust can’t exist after a lie detector test, and neither can the promise of an exciting relationship.

7. Strip club

Season 10, episode 2

This required the bachelors to bare everything…literally. Why this one isn’t the brightest idea is kind of a no-brainer. It’s already bold to take a date to a strip club, but to strip for your date at a club takes a lot of confidence. Although the guys decided to embrace it and try to impress her with their dance moves, maybe leave the intimacy to a more private venue. It may be The Bachelorette, but this isn’t a bachelorette party.

While these ridiculous dates may be entertaining to watch on TV, imagine actually living them out. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting to know someone or you’ve been together a while; these date ideas are likely to fall flat. If you’re planning your next date, don’t get ideas from The Bachelorette.

Megan is currently a student at Michigan State University studying media & information. She is addicted to television, caffeine, and tweeting. Some of her many talents include (but are not limited to) getting emotionally attached to fictional characters, impersonating Julie Andrews & quoting Mean Girls. Her future aspirations involve writing/producing for television and getting the heck out of Michigan. Follow her on Twitter/Instagram: @megansweet57
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