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College campuses are one of the easiest places to meet totally eligible bachelors, but figuring out how to find them can be overwhelming. You’ve probably already scoped out all the guys in your classes. No dice in your dorm either? We’re here to help! You want to find a guy with similar interests to yours, so why not take the opportunity to get more involved in clubs on campus—and maybe find a cutie along the way! Here are some of the best on-campus activities to meet guys.

1. Volunteering Clubs

What’s sexier than a guy donating his time for a great cause? Giving his support to a worthy philanthropic endeavor is a definite indication of a cutie’s character. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your shared interests!

Nicolette Cafiero, the philanthropy chair for Chi Omega at the University of Delaware, says meeting guys at philanthropy events is always a good thing.

“Who doesn’t love a guy that cares about helping others?” she says. “Meeting a boy at a philanthropy event allows you to see a more mature and proactive side of their personality. By being there, it shows that they care about important issues going on, and that they want to help make a difference.”

To start a conversation:

Talk about how this event relates to you uniquely! This shows him that you’re eager and passionate, and also gives him something special to remember.

2. Networking Clubs for Your Major

Networking just got that much better! Become part of a group that’s offered for your major, or even your minor. This approach is a shoe-in for finding determined guys who are on the path to a successful career. Not only that, but they most likely have the same interests as you.

Clubs for your major are also a great resume builder, and a perfect way to show a guy that you’re passionate about your future.

To start a conversation:

Use your major to strike up a conversation with a guy you’ve got your eye on. Ask him how he usually studies for exams, or what his favorite classes have been. If you two have a lecture together, be sure to say hi (or even sit next to him) next class!

No classes together? Invite him to your study group. This will show him that you’re interested in seeing him again without adding any pressure. This was a great approach for University of Delaware junior Sarah Kornbluh.

“Initially, I didn’t think that my major—speech and language pathology—had many guys to offer, but when I attended my first club meeting, I was very surprised by the number of cute guys that I saw,” she says. “I was even more surprised when one of them introduced themselves to me, and asked if I was in his class. It turns out I was in his class, and we sat together for the rest of the semester.”

3. Intramural Sports

Not a gym kind of girl? Don’t worry; there are other ways to meet sweaty, iron-pumping guys. Sign up for an intramural team!

This friendly competition will give you the perfect opportunity to start a conversation. Don’t be afraid to give it your all! Guys will love your enthusiasm. The great thing about these activities is that you don’t have to be a pro—and they’re pretty fun!

To start a conversation:

Ask him if he played the sport in high school or was on any other sports teams. This segue is direct and will show him that you’re interested in his background.

Tell him why you love sports, or why you decided to join the intramural team. He’ll see how involved you are on campus and how down-to-earth you are!

4. Greek Life

Not only does Greek life open up the door for fun activities like parties (a great place to meet guys), but it also opens up opportunities for invitations to philanthropy events, career connections and intramural activities. These are all incredible chances for you to get out there and meet guys on campus.

Sororities and fraternities provide numerous opportunities to make your campus smaller. By getting involved and participating in events, you’ll be having so much fun that you won’t even realize how many people you’re meeting!

“I met my boyfriend through one of our philanthropy events, Phi Hoops,” says Jordan Ellick, a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi at the University of Delaware. “Before our event, I had seen him around, but my membership in AEPhi allowed me the perfect opportunity to meet him. I approached him after he had participated in our basketball competition, and asked him if he wanted to come to my sorority’s date party. I know this attitude was extremely forward… but being in a group setting took a lot of the pressure off and ultimately was what I needed to step up and ask him out.”

To start a conversation:

Get extra involved! Holding a leadership position within your organization will give you confidence. Plus, the events that you attend and organize are the perfect places to strike up conversations with guys.

5. A Cappella Groups

Aca-awesome! What’s better than a guy who can sing?

Laura Nikolich, junior at the University of Delaware is a member of the Deltones. “Being in an a cappella group gives me so many opportunities to meet new people,” says Laura. “We have requests to sing all over campus, and so I am constantly meeting new guys! We’ve performed at Greek events, dorm meetings, freshman welcome events and so much more.”

The next time you find yourself searching for a guy, try to get yourself out there! Getting involved in a variety of campus activities allows you the opportunity to find what and who you’re looking for. Once you find your cutie, be sure to check out some fun and easy on-campus date ideas

Jessi is a rising senior at the University of Delaware, she is majoring in Communication with a double minor in Journalism and Leadership Studies. While in school, she has interned within Hearst Magazines' Public Relations department, as well as at Marie Claire Magazine. After a wonderful semester in Italy, Jessi is now working as a summer contractor at Google.Jessi is currently a Communication/Public Speaking Mentor for the University of Delaware, as well as a national writer for Her Campus. You can usually find Jessi sipping tea (from a cute mug,) listening to Lorde & Lana Del Rey. You can follow her on Twitter, @JWALKING_ or Instagram @jessiwalker.