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One of the greatest (and most torturous) parts of TV shows is the fact that we can really connect to the characters, especially when it comes to love. We are there through all of our favorite TV couples’ beginnings and ends, and sometimes we may even get more emotional then they do. We’ve witnessed many TV smooches that may have had crazy consequences, but––we’re not here to worry about that. We’re here to reminisce about some of the absolute best TV kisses of all time. Read below to check out what we chose. *CAUTION* You may need some tissues.

Derek & Meredith – Grey’s Anatomy

The feels will never go away!

Chuck & Blair – Gossip Girl

Nobody has sexual chemistry like these two.

Marissa & Ryan – The O.C.

They made us feel some of the most intense emotions.

Nathan & Haley – One Tree Hill

Nathan and Haley are definitely one of the best TV couples, like, ever. We couldn’t forget this staple moment from season one!

Stiles & Malia – Teen Wolf

Dylan. O’Brien. 

Kurt & Blaine – Glee

This moment was felt by viewers everywhere. 

Damon & Elena – The Vampire Diaries

It was the moment we were all waiting for––and still can’t stop obsessing about!

Cory & Topanga – Boy Meets World

They’ve given us #RelationshipGoals since elementary school.

Matt & Julie – Friday Night Lights

This moment was too cute not to include.

Olivia & Fitz – Scandal

Nope, we’re still not over it.

Jim & Pam – The Office

It only took two years of torturous build-up for this to happen!

Aria & Ezra – Pretty Little Liars

This one speaks for itself.

Nick & Jess – New Girl

It’s still definitely one of the most satisfying moments of all time.

Ross & Rachel – Friends


Bonnie & Jeremy – The Vampire Diaries

If our BFF’s little brother looked like that, we’d probably fall in love with him, too.

Jane & Rafael – Jane the Virgin

Everything about this scene is straight out of a fairytale.

Brooke & Julian – One Tree Hill

We. Melt. Every. Time.

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Piper & Alex – Orange is the New Black

This steamy reunion changed the whole show for the better.

Sean & Emma – Degrassi: The Next Generation

We literally grew up with them.

Rory and Jess – Gilmore Girls

Rory and Jess are our OTP till the end of time!

Hanna & Caleb – Pretty Little Liars

We’ve all lived vicariously through this moment.

Raven & Eddie – That’s So Raven

It was bound to happen!

Carrie & Sebastian – The Carrie Diaries

Austin Butler is everything.

Miley & Jake – Hannah Montana

Our adolescent hearts are happy!

Riggins & Lyla – Friday Night Lights

The kiss that started it all for this on-again, off-again couple.

Santana & Brittany – Glee

The epic breakup kiss that was felt around the world.

Matty & Jenna – Awkward

They’re meant to be, and we all know it.

Carlton & Valerie – Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Not many kisses are funnier than this one when Carlton steals Will’s girl!

Serena & Nate – Gossip Girl

No words needed.

Leslie & Ben – Parks and Recreation

We love them, we love them, we LOVE them!

Burke & Christina – Grey’s Anatomy

They may not have lasted, but we still can’t help but heart them together.

Pacey & Joey – Dawson’s Creek

We lived for this back in the day.

Caroline & Klaus – The Vampire Diaries

We waited SO long! And it finally happened!!!!

Seth & Summer – The O.C.

FOREVER one of the cutest moments!

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Spencer & Toby – Pretty Little Liars

Toby with a shirt off… *sigh*

Carrie & Mr. Big – S​ex and the City

The finale that we all waited for.

Lucas & Peyton – One Tree Hill

All true OTH fans will never forget season four, episode nine. #LucasAndPeytonForever!!!

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