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19 Conversation Heart DIYs That’ll Get You Excited for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and that means candy and adorable things are everywhere. Obviously, the cutest way to say that you heart someone is with those little candy conversation hearts. Why not step up your game by making any of these adorable conversation heart DIYs? 

1. Conversation Heart Scrub

Make this sweet scrub for you or your love. 

2. Conversation Heart Macarons

Macarons are our favorite sweet treat, and these conversation hearts could not be more adorable. 

3. Leggings

Nothing says “I heart you” the way these leggings do! Bonus, who knew you could make leggings this cute? 

4. Salt Dough Conversation Hearts

Hang up these happy ornaments in your front yard or around your house! It’ll be true love. 

5. Dog Treats

Don’t forget the canine love of your life this Valentine’s Day! Every dog loves a good snack, so we know they will definitely kiss you in exchange for these treats. 

6. Brownies

Make a sweet, chocolatey treat for your sweetheart. These brownies are perfect for all of your babes!

7. S’mores Pops

Everybody loves s’mores, and these chocolate-covered ones don’t even require a campfire! 

8. Magnets

Fill the front of your fridge with notes for the one you love with these heart magnets! 

9. Banner

Show your love with this banner. Hang it up and surprise your roomie or your bae. 

10. Popcorn

Give your popcorn some color with conversation hearts and sprinkles…and some white chocolate, too.  

11. Pillows

Pillows are super easy to make, and these pillows are a great way to decorate and show your love! 

12. Cookies

How adorable are these cookies? Wrap them up in cellophane and give them to anyone that you heart. 

13. Balloons

Balloons are the best way to decorate any room because they bring fun. These DIY conversation heart balloons won’t pop your bubble! 

14. Treat Boxes

Fill these boxes with a sweet treat or fun valentines! 

15. Donuts

Nothing says fun like brightly colored, rainbow donuts; we totally love these! 

16. Piñata

This heart-shaped piñata will definitely add some pizzazz to your V-day shindig!

17. Ice Cream

You can never go wrong with ice cream. Spend your Valentine’s Day with a bucket of this homemade concoction!

18. Resin Paperweights

How cute are these resin paperweights? Add whatever message you choose, and give them out to your favorite people! 

19. Marshmallows

These marshmallows should convey how much you love your people! 

What’s your favorite conversation heart DIY? 

Ariel graduated from Western University in 2017. She served as her chapter's Campus Correspondent, has been a National Content Writer, and a Campus Expansion Assistant. She is currently a Chapter Advisor and Chapter Advisor Region Leader.