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15 Things Only Girls Who’ve Never Had an SO Understand

Bugs, insects and pests, oh my! Especially during the summer, they are the worst, but there’s nothing more widespread than the love bug. Like Lizzie McGuire said, the love bug is something that is horribly contagious, and once one person has it, it seems everyone has it…except for you. When holidays like Valentine’s Day or Christmas come around, you are reminded that your SO status is null and void, completely non-existent. However, when you’re part of the exclusive club of women who’ve never had a relationship, there are many things we collectively understand all too well.

1. “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” is still your anthem

2. When your favorite character is in a relationship, we are all in a relationship!

3. Fan fiction is strangely therapeutic

4. Being the third, fifth, seventh (any odd numbered) wheel is awkward

5. When you really listen to romantic songs, you realize you CAN’T relate

6. There are days when you have no hope at all…

7. …and days when the possibility of you having an SO seems real

8. Having a fantasy relationship with a celeb is normal

9. You are kind of glad you don’t have to share your soda with two straws in it

10. “Netflix and chill” is the most straightforward thing for you

11. From what your friends tell you, having an SO can seem like a lot of work

12. If you had a dime for every time you heard, “When you least expect it, someone will come,” you’d be rich

13. You’re on the lookout for a potential SO no matter where you go

The supermarket, the laundromat, IKEA, the list goes on…

14. It’s probably better to be in the right relationship at a later time than the wrong one RIGHT NOW

15. You realize it’s important to be happy with the relationship you are in with yourself first, before adding someone else to the mix

Keana Bloomfield

Bryn Mawr '18

Keana is a News Blogger/Viral Content Writer for Her Campus, as well as a two-year High School Ambassador Advisor.  With HC since her freshman year, she often winds down by singing, reading, watching TV, admiring Beyoncé and eating, whilst also regretting not taking advantage of the precious nap times one is afforded in pre-school.