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15 Reasons You Should Date the Perpetually Single Girl

You’ve dated the girl who has six ex-boyfriends and spent approximately three seconds on the market, but it’s time to give the single girl a chance. It might not seem like it, but in reality the single girl is the perfect relationship girl. She’s spent time learning about herself, her goals and what she wants. We decided to create a list of all the reasons why she’s totally relationship material.

1. She’s independent

A single girl is an independent girl. She can survive on her own and actually kinda loves being in charge.

2. She won’t make you pick where to eat

You will never have to worry about that annoying situation when you spend three hours trying to decide where to eat because no one can make a decision; she knows what she likes.

3. She’s patient

This is not a girl who fills her life with placeholder guys. She’s waited long enough for you and she can definitely use that patience in other aspects of her life.

4. No crazy ex’s

Just think: no worrying about random ex’s sending ominous texts at 1 a.m.

5. You don’t have to pay for everything

A single girl has her sh*t together. She’s a working woman who is fully able to support herself and won’t be mooching off of you for everything.

6. She’s not clingy

There’s no time for her to be clingy. She has her own life to worry about and plenty of stuff to keep herself busy.

7. There are no unrealistic expectations

You don’t need to worry about living up to the previous boyfriend who was in a rock band, volunteered at animal shelters and made his own wine. Literally just be yourself.  Eat pizza with us and we’ll love you for it.

8. She doesn’t need you 24/7

She needs her own space. We’re used to being on our own and following our own schedule, so there isn’t any need to be attached at the hip.

9. You can have bro nights

Let’s be real, we need time with our girlfriends anyway, so we understand that you’ll want to have a guy’s night. In fact, we encourage it.

10. She won’t be settling

She’s not single because guys run for the hills when they see her; she’s single because she chooses to be. So if she’s interested in dating you, then consider it a compliment.

11. She’s going somewhere

The single girl has a direction that she’s headed in. Whether it’s pursuing a career or a lifestyle, she has her own path and doesn’t need you to drag her along.

12. She won’t pry

She trusts you, so you don’t need to worry about her creeping through your phone or hacking into your Instagram. She wants her own space, and so do you.

13. She will be your biggest fan

She understands that you have aspirations, and she will support and cheer you on because she works hard to shape her own life and wants you to follow your passions too.

14. She’s Fun

Wanna go hiking? Skiing? Traveling? Cliff jumping? She’s so down, in fact, she has a few ideas of her own…

15. You’ll have time to miss her

The perpetually single girl is busy and doesn’t need you all the time. Without breathing on each other every minute of every day you’ll actually have a chance to miss her a little, and you know what they say: “distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

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