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15 Reasons To Date An Ambivert

Not as unreserved and thunderous as an extrovert, but not as bashful and cautious as an introvert — ambiverts are the mix of two very polar opposite personality types. We’re the best of both worlds. Sometimes called “outgoing introverts,” the ambivert creates a one-of-a-kind dating experience.

1. We can handle all types of social situations

We’re as comfortable with a night in watching Netflix as we are going clubbing. Our versatility makes it easy to plan both a date night in or a night on the town — as long as you remember we can’t do one or the other for too long.

2. We’re easygoing

Ambiverts get their energy in equal parts from being around others and staying in solitude, which means we’re always up for anything — not bound by the desire to stay in like an introvert, not married to the idea of a high energy activity either.

3. We get along with both introverts and extroverts

While introverts and extroverts can definitely be friends, more often than not, those who stay to themselves are overwhelmed by the idea of a loud, high-energy person in their space. Someone who is high-energy may not get along too well with someone who is quieter, or perceived as a “buzzkill.” Ambiverts, however, find commonalities in both personality types, making us the ultimate friend, confidant and girlfriend!

4. We don’t judge you when you’re moody

Because admittedly, we’re moody too. With an ambivert, you never know what side you’ll get. Some days we’ll want to be left alone with our cats, and other days we’ll text and call you non-stop — its like dating two people, honestly.

5. We’re pretty emotionally stable, though

One of the biggest issues with self-identifying extroverts and introverts? They feel as though they are bound by their label. When an extrovert is having an off-day, they’ll feel the need to cover it up to keep up their go-getter image, but when an introvert is feeling lonely, they are sometimes hesitant to reach out to others. The ambivert is not limited by a societal label, therefore we feel as we please, making it easier to communicate with us about our feelings.

6. We can make conversation AND listen too

Though we despise small talk, ambiverts love genuine, engaging conversation. As long as both parties have something worth talking about we could go on forever.

7. Though we’re good with making conversation, we want it to be real conversation

We’re not going to even entertain a “what’s up” type of conversation.

8. We’re not in a rush to get into a relationship

We’re comfortable showing you off, but we’re comfortable with our independence too, so why rush into anything?

9. We want you, we don’t need you

You’re an accessory — a nice handbag if you will.

10. We enjoy affection to an extent

Hugs and kisses are great until our introverted side comes out… in that case stay far, far away.


11. We’re social, but selectively social

I’m sure she’s cool and all, but we really don’t care to meet your brother’s girlfriend’s cousin TBH.

12. We’re understanding

Need to be left alone? We understand. Need to go out and get your mind off things? We understand. Need someone to binge eat ice-cream with? We totally understand.

13. We’re accused of being flirty with everyone, but in reality we’re extremely loyal

Because entertaining more than one relationship is far too mentally exhausting for us.

14. We’ll make fun of you a lot, but will also be there to console you

It’s a pretty great flirt-to-roast ratio.

15. Our awkwardness is rather charming

We know we’re awkward. We know there are days we won’t text back for hours and other days we smother you with our love. We know we’re weird, but if you date an outgoing introvert, we know you’ll end up falling in love.

Hannah is a Public Relations graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University with an affinity for blogging, food, culture and learning about the world. She has a serious case of wanderlust and hopes to one day work for a lifestyle and PR firm, as well as publish books and documentaries focusing on leisure and travel. To read more of her work, check out her own personal blog at www.thinkingbrave.com or her personal portfolio at clippings.me/hannahkhan