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13 Women Admit The Most Embarrassing Things That Have Happened During Sex

Sex can be embarrassing. Yes, we said it. While it’s supposed to be great, it can at times be completely cringe-worthy.

We asked 13 college women to tell us the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to them during sex and their answers were pretty mortifying.

“Once my boyfriend was going down on me and he said something that made me laugh and I farted in his face. Good news is he thought it was hilarious despite how mortified I was!”

-Caroline, NYU Class of 2016

“I had a significant amount of toilet paper stuck in my vagina that he found as he was performing oral sex.”

-Emma, Colby College Class of 2019

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“We were getting into it when he had to throw up, so I helped him and gave him water. Then he brushed his teeth a few times, swished some mouth wash and then we still had sex anyway. After he asked me to stay and cuddle but I just put a water bottle by the bed and left.”

-Tori, University of North Carolina at Greensboro Class of 2018

“Once while my boyfriend-at-the-time was going down on me, he started having a nosebleed! At first he was really grossed out because he thought it was my period, but then we realized it was coming from him. He must have bumped his nose or something, but either way it was a disaster.”

­-Anna, Kenyon College Class of 2018

“Like most girls when they lose their virginity, my first time wasn’t the best. It didn’t really ‘fit’, so I don’t even know if I could even count that time as sex. However the first time I had successful sex, the guy I was having sex with looked down at me and said, ‘There you go, baby. I’m so proud of you!’ …absolutely humiliating.”

-Becky, Colby College Class of 2016

“One time my stomach was hurting so bad that it sounded like I passed gas and the guy asked if I did. I was mortified and it was just my stomach! I couldn’t imagine actually doing it!”

-Kaylyn, Kent State University Class of 2016

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“I have really horrible shoulders, arthritis and everything, and one time while hooking up with some guy, my shoulder completely dislocated and I had to stop everything. So embarrassing.”

-Meghan, Wilfrid Laurier University Class of 2016

“The first time I brought this one guy home we were hooking up again in the morning and he said he was tired and wanted to stop and said he would be right back.  He went to the bathroom and I looked around and all I could see was blood, blood everywhere. My period had come during sex that morning and he couldn’t even tell me; he just walked out of the room. His nickname became handprint boy because of the bloody handprints that were left all over the sheets.”

-Ann, Wilfrid Laurier University Class of 2016

“One time, I fell asleep when I was going down on my boyfriend… Oops.”

-Rachel, Colby College Class of 2016

“I was on top of him and he pulled out too quickly and full force stuffed his penis all the way up my asshole. I lost my breath and couldn’t talk and he was just staring at me. I started crying. I asked him if he knew what had just happened and he said, ‘Yeah, it was way tighter.’ I barely knew him.”

Nancy, University of Cincinnati Class of 2019

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“The condom got stuck inside of me and came out when I was peeing two days later.”

-Karen, Holy Cross Class of 2018

“Six of the guy’s friends barged in in the middle of it and fooled around in the room and one jumped into bed with us because he was so drunk he didn’t realize what we were doing.”

-Johanna, Bentley University Class of 2019

“I had always wanted to use whipped cream during sex and when my boyfriend’s birthday came around I decided it would be a perfect time to try it out. I wanted it to be a surprise though so I blindfolded my boyfriend before I brought it out. Then I opened the spray can of whipped cream and started to draw a line down the middle of his chest. I knew as soon as I did that he would know what was going on, but when he questioned what I was doing I simply told him to relax. Then I attempted to sexily lick the whipped cream off his chest from his waistline up, but I had put too much on. The line was too thick and I couldn’t fit it all in my mouth, let alone the whole line I had drawn. My boyfriend took the blindfold off and just looked at me. I was so embarrassed. I had wanted to do something special, something fun, and I had failed majorly. I then proceeded to grab some Kleenex and wipe the rest (basically all) of the whipped cream off his chest. He was a good sport about it though and consoled me when I tried to hide my face in the corner of the bed.”

-Lily, VCU Class of 2018

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