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7 Sweet Texts to Send Your Partner When You’re Thinking of Them

We’re all social distancing, and now is the perfect time to pick up your phone and send a text to a loved one. Especially if you and your partner are navigating an LDR at the moment, those messages are going to feel even more meaningful. Here are some ideas for sweet messages you can send to your crush, your SO, and honestly, even your friends, to let them know they’re on your mind. 

1. Good morning texts

Most people enjoy little signs of positivity, especially in the morning—a “good morning” text being one of them. This text essentially means you thought of them first thing when you woke up. Yes, that’s right, before caffeine and teeth brushing. People may act like they think texts like these are silly, but in my experience, when they’re accustomed to it, they start to miss them when they’re gone. 

2. Memes

Everyone likes to think they have the best sense of humor. Having your friends or loved ones send you memes means that someone thought something was funny and wanted you to laugh along, even if you’re miles apart. They thought you’d enjoy something so silly or ridiculous, or perhaps it reminded them of a funny time you embarrassed yourself. In this day and age, meme sharing is bonding.

3. Compliments

Telling your partner that you think they’re hot will give them a little confidence boost throughout the day. This is definitely geared toward people already in relationships, so it won’t sound so out of the blue. One example would be “you looked cute in your Snapchat you sent me,” or even “how did I get so lucky?” Throw in some heart-eyes emojis for emphasis. 

4. Long stories

I promise, your partner will love the daily updates about which dogs you saw from your window that day, and they’ll especially enjoy the childhood story of how you fell out of a tree in your grandma’s backyard. If you don’t talk on the phone very often, sending long texts is a great way to keep each other in the loop, and feel closer even when you’re far apart. They will learn to appreciate your mood swings, rants, and the long, terrific tales that come with them. 

5. “I’m ordering food, what do you want?”

Because pizza and wings tonight sound amazing. Order a Postmates delivery to their house, and they will thank you with a heart eye emoji.

6. Goodnight texts

It’s just as sweet as a “good morning” text. They love knowing they were the first and last thing on your mind.

7.“I love you.”

Being loved rocks. Period. And we should all say it more.

Stephanie is a senior at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where she is currently studying international relations with a minor in psychology and Asian Studies. When she's not researching and writing assigned articles for Her Campus, she is working on-campus jobs and saving up for her next traveling adventure!