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13 Texts All Girls Have Sent to Their Crush

Texting a new crush should be an Olympic sport—we mean, for real. There are rules that must be followed in the beginning stages of a text-ationship—and chances are, you’ll break 50 percent of them in the first few weeks. Don’t worry, girl, we’ve all been there. Read below for 13 texts you’ve definitely sent your crush. 

1. The drunk text

Let’s get this out of the way. We’ve all done it. We’ve all regretted it. We’ve all probably done it again, too. Pretend you aren’t cringing right now. 

2. The “I’m too nervous to hang out” excuse text

Oh my god, they actually want to hang out?! I must make up some totally obvious excuse as to why I can’t. 

3. The desperate text to keep the conversation going

The beginning can be awkward, so we get it. However, if they’re ghosting you, say sayonara. 

4. The “casual” invite out on the weekend

“Hey! I’m going to this super fun bar tonight. You should too!” So simple, yet probably took you 20 minutes to press send. 

5. The response that was perfectly crafted in the group chat

You aren’t texting one girl. You’re texting 12. 

6. The “I’m playing hard to get” text

You’re in demand, and you want them to know it! Sometimes you gotta leave them wanting more. 

7. That first-ever risky text

*Sends winky face emoji* *Throws phone across the room* *Moves across the country*

8. The four hours (or days) later reply

They answered in 20 minutes? Ha! I’ll answer next Monday. 

9. The instant reply

Followed by the anxiety of realizing you answered way too fast. 

10. The “come over” text

We’ve all done it at least once. Probably late at night. Probably after some draaaaanks. 

11. The dramatic DTR text

This one usually comes after you’ve been hooking up for a little bit. Because no matter how certain you are that their response is not going to be what you want to hear, there is this inherent need to send them a novel. That’s it, you’re doing it! No regrets! Until 10 minutes after you send it. When you immediately regret it. 

12. The forcing-yourself-to-stay-awake text

When you don’t want to go to sleep because you’re texting bae. 

13. The truthful text you’ll never send

Because some things are better left unsaid. The beginning’s all about playing it cool anyway, amirite?!

Taylor is a senior at Temple University in Philadelphia. She is pursuing a major in journalism with a minor in English. Taylor is a member of Delta Zeta and she hopes to work for a magazine after college. Some of Taylor's favorite things include fashion, fitness, Harry Potter, Chipotle and Instagram. Find her on Twitter and Instagram @Tay_Carson!