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The 10 Stages of Going Through a Break-Up, as Told by Amy Schumer

You thought he was the one, yet somehow you've found yourself ugly-crying while watching The Notebook for the 50th time this weekend. It'll get better in time, especially with a little help from Amy Schumer. Here are the 10 stages of going through a break-up.

1. Denial

You were sure this was it, and you don't want to go back to being the lonely single friend at the party. You'll go out kicking and screaming for sure.

2. Pity party

Life sucks. Everything sucks. Ben and Jerry are the only men you need.

3. Losing the relationship weight

You were super comfortable eating in front of bae, and that has started to show. Time to get your act together at the gym.

4. Deciding to go out for the first time

Alcohol is suddenly your new best friend.

5. Your friends help you get ready

And you remember why they're better than any guy, anyway.

6. Party time

This one's pretty much self-explanatory.

7. Wanting to send that drunk text

Your girlfriends stop you from doing any permanent damage, though.

8. Moving on

You're finally ready. Is the world ready?

9. Becoming friends

It's worth a shot. Maybe.

10. Self-empowerment

You got this, collegietes!

Jenna Davis is a sophomore at the College of William & Mary studying government and sarcasm.
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