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Your idea of the ultimate date night is a little different from most collegiettes. Instead of heading out to a trendy restaurant with your flame, you put on a pair of sweatpants, grab a bag of popcorn and gaze into the eyes of a man who never seems to disappoint: your television boyfriend. Um, what? Whether you have a boy toy of your own or you’re enjoying the single life, your pseudo soul mate is only a remote click away. Since we already gave you the lowdown on television’s worst boyfriends, it’s time to showcase all the best that the small screen has to offer.

Caleb Rivers from Pretty Little Liars

Don’t let his rough (yet adorable) exterior fool you—Caleb is one of television’s most loyal boyfriends. Most guys might be scared by the idea that their girlfriend is being stalked and blackmailed, Caleb has gone above and beyond to prove that he has Hanna’s back (even after being shot during an attempt to unmask A and save Hanna’s bestie from a vindictive killer). Can we say commitment? If Caleb can put up with Hanna’s drama, just imagine how loyal and patient he’d be if he was your main squeeze: stressing out over finals would be a cakewalk for him.

One reason why Caleb is so loyal is because he and Hanna have a trusting relationship. If you can’t trust your boyfriend, it’s likely that this relationship won’t work out. Since there is no litmus test for loyalty, you won’t know if your beau is truly has your back until you open up to him. We’re not telling you to cross the line by revealing some TMI facts about yourself. Instead, don’t be afraid to share your feelings with him. Like Caleb, your loyal beau will be dying to help you out any way he can!

Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl

Those who don’t believe that a guy can change clearly never watched Gossip Girl. Before he fell for Blair, Chuck was just your average Upper East Side player. And while we’re definitely not saying Chuck is perfect (he took Jenny Humphrey’s virginity after his failed proposal to Blair), we can’t help but love his evolving devotion to Blair.

The new-and-improved Chuck put Blair first. Even though he could’ve easily whisked Blair away from Prince Louis, her short-term husband, Chuck let Blair go because he believed that she’d be happier as a princess (oh was he wrong). Luckily, Blair and Chuck got back together; however, he told her that the two of them couldn’t get married until they both accomplished their goals—Blair wanted to become a good successor to her mom’s clothing line while Chuck wanted to avenge his father. When it came time for these two to walk down the aisle, Chuck wanted to make sure that his girlfriend had her dream wedding. Instead of a rushed “I do” in the courtroom, Chuck called Blair’s loved ones and planned a wedding in Central Park. And any guy who doesn’t mind sporting a white tuxedo with a robin’s egg blue lapels to his wedding in order to match his wife’s Elie Saab gown is a winner in our book. Though you should still watch out for the player warning signs, make sure to keep that bad boy on the backburner—he may be a Chuck Bass in disguise!

Derek Morgan from Criminal Minds

Although he has yet to be in a serious relationship, we think that Derek would be a spectacular boyfriend. By analyzing his faux-mance with Penelope Garcia, the FBI’s computer analyst, we know that Derek would be an attentive and protective beau. As a member of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, Derek will realize that you’re upset when he bails on your plans. Not to mention, he’ll know that saying “fine” doesn’t mean things are actually okay. Unlike your exes, Derek is happy to use pet names—we believe that “Baby Girl” is his favorite nickname for Garcia.

Thankfully, his intuitive side is juxtaposed with a macho exterior. When someone stalked and tried to kill Penelope, Derek slept over at her apartment until the offender was captured. Just think what Derek would do if he was your boyfriend—that sketchy frat bro would finally stop hitting on you at your mixers. Don’t be fooled, collegiettes: we are independent women, but it’s nice to have someone looking out for you every now and then. And if that someone has washboard abs, all the better.

Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation

Not only are nerds sometimes hot, they can also be amazing boyfriends. Exhibit A: Ben Wyatt. You may roll your eyes at his incessant Game of Thrones references or judge him for splurging on a Batman costume during “Treat Yo’ self 2011,” but Ben knows how to put his lady first. From managing Leslie’s Congresswoman campaign to proposing to her instead of accepting a job that would keep him away from Pawnee, Ben is anything but a controlling boyfriend. While Leslie adores Ben for his “cute butt”—her words, not ours—we love how he is Leslie’s personal cheerleader. After all, he lost his job at the Parks and Recreation department so Leslie could continue having her dream job.

While you can’t expect your boyfriend to be your slave, Ben reminds us that compromise is necessary in any relationship. We’re not saying to avoid any guy who doesn’t schedule his classes around yours, but keep an eye out for guys who take your feelings into consideration. As Ben shows us, they are usually keepers!

Jack Porter from Revenge

Young love doesn’t last forever… or does it?  Once upon a time, Jack Porter fell in love with Amanda Clarke. But when she left Montauk after her father was accused of conducting an act of terrorism, Jack was left heartbroken. When Amanda returns to Montauk years later, Jack views her homecoming as fate. Though he has no idea that his girlfriend isn’t the real Amanda Clarke (we’re not praising him for his detective skills), Jack’s idealistic belief in true love is something to gush over.

If you find a guy like Jack in college, chances are he’s still in love with his high school crush. So why not text that guy from home? We’re talking about the one you secretly have a thing for after all these years. You never know—maybe he’s hoping things between you two will work out.


Manny Delgado (in 10 years) from Modern Family

He’s only in middle school, but Manny has what it takes to sweep you off your feet. Between writing romantic poems and professing his love in public, Manny is sure to treat you like a princess. Even if you haven’t met him yet, you will. If Manny crashed three Bar Mitzvah parties just to find a girl who smiled at him, think of the grand gestures he’ll do just to get your attention. Some say extravagant, we say cinematic. Just watch out for his mother—we hear she’s a little overprotective at times.

Since we don’t condone dating a pre-teen, you can probably find a Manny your own age at a slam poetry show or even in your school’s spring musical. You deserve to be treated like gold!

Chandler Bing from Friends

Though many collegiettes cringe at the mere thought of dating one of their guy friends, Chandler’s rocking boyfriend status teaches us that a romance with one of your best buds isn’t always a huge mistake. Sometimes, it can actually create a stronger relationship.  After years of being just friends, Chandler and Monica wowed viewers by sleeping together the night before Ross’s second wedding. Whether he pretended that he was a lousy ping pong player in order to prevent a hostile couples’ match with Phoebe and her husband Mike to spending a whole day reorganizing their apartment after he made a mess, Chandler ditched his commitment-phobe ways and turned into Monica’s dream man. Could Chandler be a more perfect boyfriend?

Most collegiettes pray for a lover with Robert Pattinson’s face and Ryan Gosling’s abs; however, it important to be with someone who you can call your best friend. We think that Chandler said it best in “The One That Could’ve Been”—it’s one thing to wake up to someone and look forward to hanging out with your friends later, but it’s another to wake up next to one of your partners in crime. Perhaps you’ll reconsider your best guy friend after a Friends marathon.

Aidan Shaw from Sex and the City

While loving Mr. Big is encoded in every “Carrie’s” DNA, we have to admit that Aidan was pretty perfect. Mr. Big’s luxe life (chauffer and all) makes most collegiettes swoon, but there’s something endearing about Aidan’s down-to-earth personality. With a boyfriend like Aidan, you wouldn’t need to impress him with fancy presents or a night at that trendy restaurant—he’s genuinely happy to hang out with you. It’s his easygoing attitude that allows you to just be yourself. Since Aidan is unfortunately married with a child, you’ll have to find a collegent version of him on your campus. You’ll most likely find your future flame sipping on coffee at your local café or chilling on your campus’ quad.

Just remember that this type of beau won’t want to party every single night. If you’re like Carrie, you may get frustrated with his homebody lifestyle. But just like our favorite New York gal, partying will get old and you’ll be happy to snuggle up in an armchair he built himself or spend a weekend at his country cabin. Oh, the life!

Jim Halpert from The Office

You know when you think you’re not interested in a guy and instead of accepting defeat, he tells you that he won’t give up? And you know how that’s really creepy? Jim’s devotion to Pam gives this typically concerning scenario a gush-worthy twist. Even when Pam reluctantly rejected him during Casino Night, Jim did not give up. Not only did he suffer through Pam’s relationship with Roy Anderson, Jim bought Pam’s engagement ring only a week after they starting dating.

Jim’s love for Pam sounds a little creepy, but the two have an amazing connection. When everyone else said no (even Karen, Jim’s girlfriend at the time) Pam did not hesitate when Jim asked if she wanted to help him play a prank on Andy. And we have to admit that their sly operation was pretty adorable!

So maybe the next time someone tells you that they’ll keep trying to until they win you over (because that clearly happens every day), don’t immediately change your privacy settings on Facebook. On the contrary, take the time to consider the possibility of dating this hopeful.

Marshall Eriksen from How I Met Your Mother

If you’re in the market for a one-collegiette-man, take a note from Lily and find a guy like Marshall. Seemingly devoted boys are one thing, but Marshall’s level of commitment is quite another. In fact, he once confessed that he couldn’t fantasize about anyone but Lily. Creepy, but sweet.

Although he and Lily briefly broke up, Marshall never stopped loving Lily. In fact, Marshall ditched his date with Chloe, the barista he was crushing on, when he found out that Lily was spying on his date and not over him either. It’s hard to tell whether your flame is committed or not, so make sure you watch out for the signs. That way, can cherish on the Marshall in your life instead of wasting your time with players.

As the credits start to roll, you unfortunately have to go back to reality and realize that your dream man isn’t real. Sad, right? But don’t give up on love just yet—perhaps we can learn something from our favorite television relationships. Just maybe, a real version of your favorite TV boyfriend is just around the corner. Here’s to hoping!


Kelsey is a senior at Boston University, studying Magazine Journalism  in the College of Communication. As a magazine junkie and fashion fanatic, she loves being a part of the Her Campus team! At BU, Kelsey is president of Ed2010 at Boston University.  She has interned for Time Out New York, Lucky, Anthropologie, and Marie Claire. Kelsey also has a fashion blog, The Trendologist, where she covers the latest trends, fashion shows, and red carpet reports. When she isn't busy, Kelsey loves hanging out with her friends and family, shopping, reading style blogs, going for a nice jog, listening to music, creating baked goods in the kitchen, watching movies, and eating tons of frozen yogurt and sushi! After graduation, Kelsey hopes to work as an editor for a fashion magazine. Follow Kelsey on Twitter and Instagram at @kmulvs and don't  forget to check out her "Catwalk to Campus" blog posts!
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