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Just Some Cute Animal Videos

Happy finals, collegiettes! Luckily, it's almost over... or maybe not so luckily for those of us graduating?! We here at HC know how...

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HCAU Profile: Elena Iiskola

Name: Elena Iiskola Age: 21 Degree: Politics and International Relations Hometown: Espoo, Finland HC: Hello Elena! You have finally made it...

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How Do You Practice Self-Care?

HC Framingham had our table at the Self-Care Fair. This is what FSU students had to say for the ways that they practice self-care.

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National Condom Day

The FSU SEALS are a group on campus who are trained to provide our campus with health and wellness education and information. The SEALS set...

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Nick Lantych

Always smiling and consistently busy, Nick Lantych is as sweet as can be! Nick is a junior Psychology major with a face you could never...