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Campus Profile: Katrina Mazier

Meet the incredibly talented, passionate, hardworking and beautiful campus celebrity: Katrina Mazier! 1. Birthday June 1st 1998 2. Hometown...

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It’s a Scholarship Pageant

The Miss America Pageant was a few weeks ago, and as I happily gathered with my pageant friends around the TV to watch it, I never...

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Introducing The New Miss La Crosse!

Name: Zoe Roou Where is your hometown? Both of my parents are in the military, so I grew up in a few places. But I feel like my true...

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Paxton Webster, Miss Wilmington

Name : Paxton Webster Age : 20 Major : Communication Studies with a minor in Political Science Year : Sophomore Photo:[ http://pageantpics...

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Campus Celebrity: Miss Wisconsin 2014

Where is your hometown? Holmen, WI When is your birthday? May 29, 1990 When did you graduate from UW-La Crosse? Spring 2014 What was your...