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Her Campus at IUP The Jump Aftermath (TW)

TW: SUICIDE AND AWARENESS The Golden Gate Bridge. It has definitely been something you’ve heard of, but maybe for the wrong reasons. Over 2...

Kevin Hines’ Story of Survival

Source: Kevin Hines' Instagram Kevin Hines is a renowned author, a motivational speaker, a husband, an inspiration, and apart of one of the...

East Beach

Something fun to do on the weekends: A trip out to East Beach! There's a little beach trail there to walk or hike, and the view is great.

Winter in the City

Got time for a day trip? Maybe stop by the Golden Gate Bridge this quarter.

Golden Gate Bridge

As the second round of midterms approach, students at Santa Clara like to take a relaxing day off and visit San Francisco. The Golden Gate...

The Golden Gate Bridge

Driving under the Golden Gate Bridge right before sunset is a pretty awesome experience.

My Summer in the Bay

This is the closest I have ever been able to see the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA. I spent last summer attending UC Berkeley for...

San Francisco’s Lands End

There are several places you can enjoy San Francisco's famous Golden Gate Bridge, but one of my personal favorites is from the Lands End...