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How to Create the Ultimate Cheat Sheet

It’s your lucky day. The professor says you can bring one cheat sheet with you to the exam. Once you’re over the joy and excitement, you...

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How to Stay Calm During the Exam Period

Sometimes it’s hard to stay level-headed during the ever-stressful exam period. It’s totally normal to stress out! But hopefully, with...

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Exam Time Pampering: DIY Face Masks

With exam season creeping up fast, at Her Campus we know that this time of year can be stressful. To help you keep your head (and inner Zen...

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Trashy Chic

Looking good is not only important when networking in college, it is important in producing one’s self-image. Most people who dress nicely...

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Winsome Warbles: Stop and Breathe

Hey, Collegiettes! It’s that time of year again… exam time! If you are one of the lucky ones whose professors do not believe in exams,...