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Her Campus at Wells Dusk

I love when the hours are past the dusk I’ve found the love Of the cold dark hands Holding me close Tighter than anything I miss the way it...

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Bell Tower + Dusk

Ball State's Shafer Tower is a 150-foot-tall free-standing bell tower chiming clock in the middle of the campus. At night, especially after...

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Campus After Dark

Whether it’s getting out of a late class or taking just walking back from the dining hall or the gym, FSU’s campus is just as beautiful...

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Sunset Scoping

After a week chalk full of meetings, exams, and lectures, we couldn’t appreciate a sunset like this any more. Bring on the weekend!!

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Miller at Dusk

On my way to dinner one night, I walked by Miller and happened to notice the way it looked set against the sky. I had to take this picture...