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Tanesha Nicole: Local Poet and Activist

In the Youtube video for their poem titled, “This Body” Sugarhouse slam poet Tanesha Nicole (they/them) reads the line, “Fuck your beauty...

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SPOKES’ 1st Slam of the Semester

Friday, January 29th marked the end of SPOKES’ winter hiatus, hosting their first poetry slam of the new semester. This beloved Tri-co...

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Sophia Brown

Name: Sophia Brown Hometown: Bethesda, Maryland Year: 2019 Major: Psychology After the first week of classes at Bryn Mawr, I was invited to...

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Sanam Sheriff

Name: Sanam Sheriff Hometown: Bangalore, India Year: 2018 Major: Independent Creative Writing Photo Provided By: Sanam Sheriff She’s a poet...

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A Review of CUPSI

This past Saturday was the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) finals, and VCU placed second in the nation right behind the...