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Blue Sky Over Oakland

There are few things more delightful about spring than the beautiful sunny days!

A Blossoming Tree

We're excited for the summer, but we'll definitely miss the flowering trees!


Bye, bitter winds and snow-covered sidewalks! Strolling through Oakland is a lot more fun in the spring.

Spring Leaves

Welcome back, green leaves! We missed you.

Yellow Petals

The world is so beautiful in the spring!

The Stacks

What's your favorite book in Chatham's library? Tell us in the comments!

Rea and Laughlin

Whether you live in Rea or Laughlin, the warm spring weather makes the walk to class far more pleasant!

Springtime Treats in Café Rachel

We could not be more excited about the jelly beans and malted eggs for sale in Café Rachel. What's your favorite springtime treat?