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Rush AKPsi with Mandy Spangler and Claire Fletcher

Thinking about rushing AKPsi, the business fraternity? Mandy Spangler, President, and Claire Fletcher, one of the rush chairs for this spring's recruitment, have the inside scoop on how to...

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Why Megan Vineyard is Awesome

Megan Vineyard is someone who is seldom seen on campus unless you’re walking to the Business building or into Dr. Paula Moore’s office, but...

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Class of 2015!

Congratulations to the University of Central Florida's Class of 2015! Her Campus UCF wishes you the best in your future endeavors and looks...

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Campus Celebrity: Rachel Hickman

This week’s campus celebrity is Rachel Hickman. She loves finding new ways to get more involved on campus, which makes her a perfect member...

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HCUK Campus Cutie: Michael Queen

Name: Michael A. Queen Age: 21 Major: Accounting and finance Hometown: Ashland, Ky. Height: 6’3" on a good day Relationship status: In a...