Zoë & Lenny Kravitz Just Had a Hilarious Instagram Exchange About Makeup

Ever since I became obsessed with Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus in middle school, I’ve thought about how fun it would be to be a famous father-daughter duo in Hollywood. After all, acting does seem a lot easier when the person that you’re calling “dad” on set is the same as at home. In fact, Lenny Kravitz  and his daughter, Zoë Kravitz, are the perfect example of a famous family. Lenny is an iconic singer songwriter, while Zoë is famous in her own right––a triple-threat as an actress, singer and model. 

If Zoë doesn’t seem busy enough with her many projects, she’s also constantly changing up her look and style, daring to try everything from bleach blonde hair to dreadlocks. While she seems to prefer classic red lip and keeping the rest of her makeup to a minimum, she has on occasion played with graphic cat eyes and blinding highlighter. 

In a recent selfie, that she cheekily captioned "Another f*ckin selfie,” she showed off her closely cropped hair and extra-bold smokey eye. The look was created by makeup artist Nina Park, and used YSL Beauty products, which isn’t a surprise considering the star has been involved in a partnership with the brand since 2016. 


Another fuckin selfie.

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Her famous father commented on her picture… and it's not what you think. Instead of pulling a classic “dad” move, and scolding his daughter for swearing, or making a wholesome pun, Lenny commented "Now whose weeerrrrking hunty????”

Honestly? My dad wouldn’t know what half of those words even meant, never mind knowing how to comment on an Instagram photo. It's iconic and quite possibly even outshines the beautiful makeup look that Zoë was trying to show off. 

Other users quickly took note of the amazing exchange, with Twitter user @Nwalks documenting the entire exchange. 

I now have the urge to go teach my own father how to use Instagram and all of the internet’s slang.