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Zendaya’s Marc Jacobs’ Zoot Suit Served Serious Shoulder Pads & Snatching Our Attention

After seeing all the awesome fashion statements our girl Zendaya’s been making, we’re learning that anything on the chicest fashion runways will be in her wardrobe for sure. And no one else can rock these runway statements like she can.

Last week, Zendaya added yet another unique outfit to her style repertoire when she strolled into the Vanity Fair Women in Hollywood party in a colorblock Marc Jacobs suit. Zendaya snatched party-goers’ eyes in a loose fit, multicolored Marc Jacobs zoot suit, complete with a sleek top hat, bright orange pointed-toe heels and a bronzy two-toned eye makeup look.

Zendaya’s Marc Jacobs suit was surely one of a kind, with its 80’s-inspired wide shoulder pads and colorblock-ed arm sleeves, pant legs and torso panels. The pants had a different hue on each leg, with one leg being purple and the other brown, while the jacket was made up of a multitude of colors. Big round black buttons fastened the whole ensemble together, along with a mysterious black collar. The black accents along with the range of muted cool colors made the suit a fashion marvel, but we owe it to Zendaya for making this Spring 2018 runway outfit look even cooler.

And of course, Queen Zendaya took to Twitter to let it be known how much she was feeling herself in this outfit:

The internet, however, had some split opinions about the ensemble, with some thinking she was channeling funny-looking characters while others believe she was slaying flawlessly: 

While some may not have been fans of this particular outfit, Zendaya still deserves props for taking fashion risks all the time and staying true to her own tastes. Wonderful style icons like Zendaya don’t just dress to impress but to truly express themselves — and this outfit was as expressive and colorful as her personality. 

We don’t expect this to be the last mind-blowing outfit she’ll sport; she will continue to shake up the fashion game one statement at a time.

Iesha Ismail studied as a double major in English and Women's Studies at the University of Florida. Iesha is the High School/Her Future editor, a Feature Writer, and Style Blogger for Her Campus National. She was also the senior editor for Her Campus UFL and senior content editor for UF's Sparks Magazine. She is currently working in editorial for a financial research publication firm, and a guest contributor for Muslim Women Professionals. Iesha loves to observe nature and fashion as inspiration for all kinds writing she's into. Fashion, culture, drawing, and animation are just a few of the passions she plays with on the daily. Whether it's writing colorful stories or sketching in her worn out sketchbooks, Iesha always dabbles in anything art.