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This Zara Ad Campaign Fail Is Straight-Up Embarrassing

In their new campaign promoting their “Body Curve Jeans” line, Zara really failed to get a great message about body positivity across by using models who had barely any curves at all. This hella ironic ad has been spotted in stores since the beginning of this year, and although the slogan suggests something along the lines of body inclusivity, the company paired it with a very ill-fitting image.

Many on social media have expressed their disapproval, and I can’t blame them. Now, there isn’t anything wrong with these models—all bodies are valid—but the idea that Zara could advertise curvy jeans using very thin women is a little baffling.

This isn’t the first time that this company has been caught up in some drama. Zara has supposedly ripped off many independent designers’ work in the past years. Besides that, one woman apparently found a dead mouse that was stitched into her dress. Yeah, no thanks.

All in all, this advertising only suggests that these women are “curvy” by the brand’s standards and will only further the distorted perception of how a woman should look, instead of promoting a more positive message about loving your body no matter your size. Come on Zara, get it together.

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