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Your Guide to This Year’s Best Holiday Beauty Sets

Hands down the best time of the year is when beauty brands start to announce their yearly holiday sets. Advent calendars, lip kits and skincare packs galore make their debut, and it’s truly a #blessed season for makeup. This year, we’re helping you out with a handy guide of this year’s must-have beauty sets. And hey, it may still be November, but we’re already living for these holiday collections. 

Benefit Cosmetics

This year, benefit has six different holiday gift sets and all of them are next level amazing. With the Erase Case Concealer Kit, B.Right! By The Bay, Beauty & the Bay, They’re Real! BIG Sexy Lip Kit, Cha-Cha-Rama! and City Lights, Party Nights, Benefit has a set for nearly everyone. We recommend the B.Right! By The Bay––not only do you get some immensely hydrating products to help you combat the bitter winter, but the collection is also packaged in a snow globe inspired by the Ferry Building in San Francisco. Clearly, Benefit has thought of everything this year.

NYX Cosmetics 

NYX Cosmetics has plenty of collections will make any lipstick lover grin during the holidays. The Soft Matte Lip Cream Vault II ($65) is teeming with 36 different soft matte shades, plus there’s a vault filled with their liquid suede lipsticks ($65) and a miniature vault for the NYX metallic lipsticks ($25) too. Although a girl only needs so much in her makeup collection, it looks like you’re clearly just going to have to add more organizers and shelves to your wishlist to accommodate for these gorgeous products.

The Body Shop

In addition to being able to personalize your body butters, The Body Shop also has four advent calendars––which is basically a holiday gift in itself. The most luxurious advent calendar, priced at $200 might be a bit unattainable for college students on a budget (though that won’t stop us from begging our parents for it). But don’t worry, you don’t need to skip out on paying your utilities for the month, because The Body Shop also has the 25 Days Of Game Changing Advent-ures Advent Calendar ($105), the 25 Days Of Game Changing Advent-ures Deluxe Advent Calender ($139) and the 24 Days Of Beauty Advent Calendar ($69). Each calendar is packaged with a ton of skincare, bath and makeup products that a meant to keep your skin flawless as 2017 comes to a close. (Plus, they even have a Count Down to New Year gift set.)

Essence Makeup

Essence is an extremely budget-friendly beauty brand, and they’re selling an equally affordable advent calendar this year. Unlike other advent calendars that either have solely bath, makeup or nail products, the Bring the Bash advent calendar ($39.99) has 24 full-sized products including lipsticks, hand lotions, nail polishes and hair ties.

But we get it, not everyone needs or wants a beauty variety pack, and that’s why Essence prepared nearly a dozen holiday gift sets for the most particular beauty aficionados. Did we mention all of these are each only $10?

Regardless of what beauty products you’re obsessed with, it’s never too early to start thinking about what holiday gifts you’re going to get (for yourself). After all, it’s still almost impossible to narrow down your choices to just one, so start adding the items in your carts before any of the holiday collections and calendars sell out.

Rep Image: Benefit Cosmetcs

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