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A Woman’s Blowdryer Caught on Fire & I’m Never Blowdrying My Hair Again

When you’re rushing to be less late get to work in the morning, your biggest fear is probably messing up your winged eyeliner or forgetting to put on deodorant (granted, the Karen of your class/office/life will probs avoid talking to you then). Unfortunately, something much worse happened to a woman during her morning routine. Her freaking blowdryer started blowing fire — like a beauty product crossed with the Boring Company’s flamethrower that nobody asked for (or frankly needed).

Refinery29 reports that Erika Augthun Shoolbred wrote a scorching review of the product on her Facebook account, including a video which proved the OraCorp blowdryer spewed fire.

“Talk about a bad hair day! My new hair dryer (more like hair fryer) from OraCorp on Amazon.com became a blow torch on its first use this morning. A small burn on my hand and an enormous smell to my master bath – the company has yet to respond to my complaint,” Shoolbred wrote in the caption of her video, which TBH puts Targaryen’s dragons to shame.

After Shoolbred’s video went viral, Stylecaster claims that Amazon quickly credited her account and the product has since been removed from the site — because nobody wants to set their hair ablaze.

While this flamethrower is obviously catfishing as a blowdryer, Shoolbred managed to escape the flames with minimal harm. Shoolbred only suffered a minor burn on her hand, according to TeenVogue. Since the product is no longer marketed on Amazon’s virtual shelves, fellow Amazon shoppers won’t have to risk drying their hair for their own safety.

Although Amazon gave OraCorp Shoolbred’s contact information, OraCorp has yet to comment on this incident regarding their defective product. Hopefully, OraCorp will investigate this “blowdryer” and fix this dilemma — because we want our hair to look fire, not to be on fire.

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