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13 Winter 2024 Hair Color Trends That Are Sizzling Hot

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Spooky season has come to an end, and the most magical time of the year is finally upon us. Maybe it’s just me, but I think most of us are ready for this holiday season to start. It’s called the most wonderful time of the year for a reason! With this new change of the season, this is a great time to switch up your look. And what better thing to switch up than your hair? These 12 bold winter 2024 hair colors are perfect to match all of your holiday outfits and get you into the spirit this year. So if you have been wanting to switch up your look lately, the holidays are the best time to switch things up for the new year, so take this as your sign to go for it!

The holidays start earlier and earlier every year, and for any lover of the season, this is the best thing ever. I am so ready for all of the holiday events to start. I can’t wait for all the parties, making cookies, going ice skating, and watching holiday movies! And I am so ready for the holiday outfits. My closet is going to be filled with shades of red, champagne, and white this winter. Here are a few winter 2024 hair color ideas to match those winter capsule outfits.


You’ve probably heard of Cowgirl Copper, but this new color takes red to the next level. Gingerbread is the best color for this holiday season to show off at every holiday party. It is the perfect blend of red and brown, and will be the It Girl hair color this winter!

Ice Blue

Winter is the perfect time to make the switch to this gorgeous icy blue color. If you want to match the snowy weather, this icy blue is a cool and unique color to spice up your look.

Chocolate Brown

This is the perfect warm brown shade if you’ve been looking into going darker! A classic warm brown is the best go-to shade to switch to for people with many other hair colors. It is easy to achieve, too, so if you want something warm that won’t do much damage your hair, this is the color for you.

Bright Red

Red is the color of the holiday season, and if you want to stand out this December, a bright red is the way to go. Opt for this shade that’s not too bright but not too dark — just a perfect holiday red shade. This color just screams Christmas, so this is the perfect time of the year to go with this bold shade.

Mulled Wine

If you want to get in the spirit at all your holiday parties, this mulled wine hair color will certainly help with that! It takes a classic burgundy shade to the next level. Start with a natural brown or jet black root and mix in this dark red to create the perfect wine shade.

Metallic Blonde

When you think of winter you might assume going warmer and darker is the move, but going lighter will be the style this year. Metallic blonde is light enough to match the snow falling this winter, and looks perfect with the dark shades in your winter wardrobe.


If you want to go lighter but still want that warm feel, a champagne blonde is perfect! It is slightly colder than a honey blonde, but still has that warm holiday feel. If neutrals and creams are go-to winter colors in your wardrobe, this hair color will match perfectly for the light winter look!

Jet Black

You can never go wrong with a classic color, and jet black is the perfect color for winter. A dark black is always chic and looks great with every outfit. It is a timeless color, and will pop all year round.

Faded Emerald Green

Red is the traditional color of the holidays, so if you want a holiday hair color but want something a little more unique, Faded Emerald Green is perfect for you. This color starts with a base of jet black and fades into a beautiful green ombre. If you want something a little more daring, go right for a full emerald green color.

Red Highlights

Red has definitely been the color everyone has been making a switch to this past year, so if you haven’t hopped on the trend yet, a great place to start is this gorgeous red-brown! This is the perfect warm shade for the winter, and if you were hesitant about going all red, this adds the perfect touch to add that warmth without going all the way!

Shimmering Blue-Black

If you want to spice up a jet black head of hair, blue-black is the way to go. It’s perfect if you want a dark winter shade with some cold lowlights. Add a gloss to the top of your hair if you really want to shine this winter!

Caramel Highlights

This is a great move for all brunettes this winter! If you want to change things up but don’t want to fully dye your dark locks, adding some caramel highlights is the go-to move for the colder months.

Tinsel Extension

And lastly, my favorite trick to spice up any hair color is to add tinsel extension. This do-it-yourself kit is available on Amazon for just $10. Opt for a silver for light colors and a gold for warm colors to get into the holiday spirit and literally shine this winter!

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