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Whoopi Goldberg Has Blessed Us With a Line of Hysterical Christmas Sweaters

Sweater weather is arguably the best weather. Whoopi Goldberg definitely agrees—and as proof, she’s launching a line of ugly Christmas sweaters that show off her love of the holidays and quirky fashion. The View Co-host has always had a sense of style that goes against your typical daytime TV host. She is known for wearing unique shoes all year round and when the holidays come around we love her for breaking out the ugly Christmas sweaters. While we’ll usually wear these sweaters to that one frat party, Goldberg has always worn them unironically. She just really likes Christmas sweaters!

Her creations are also not meant to be ironic, just fun. You’ll be able to get your hands on the 11 different sweaters in late October at Lord & Taylor for around $139 each. The designs aren’t your typical snowman and Santa but include designs like a gingerbread man taking a bite out of another, and two Santas who *almost* make out. She plans on incorporating all holidays eventually so that everyone has something stylish to wear, no matter what they celebrate. Goldberg’s main goal is to create a high-quality sweater that puts everyone in the holiday spirit. We think she’s off to a great start.


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