What You Should Actually Wear for Your Job Interview at a Magazine

The process for a job or internship search is almost equivalent to an episode of Game of Thrones. Employers can be cutthroat in a sense of how they choose the best applicants. If the odds are in your favors, you might just score an interview. Remember when you were told that first impressions matter? No matter what job you interview for, you have to make yourself stand out to your potential employer — and your interview 'fit can help you do just that.

So, let's say you got an interview with a magazine or a trendy media company — where do you go from here? I mean, you have to do some extensive research on the workplace, but your interview outfit is just as important. It will make or break you (no pressure). Working at a creative office, you got to show them your artistic side through your outfit to make an unforgettable impression.

  1. 1. Edgy professional

    Why not give classic black pantsuit an edgy twist? Cop a pair of leather skinny pants to balance the formality of a black blazer.

  2. 2. NYFW streetwear to officewear

    As an avid fan of pantsuits, I'm all here for colorful sets. Head over to ASOS for every color, pattern, and style you can imagine. Instead of wearing heels, opt out for a white pair of platform sneakers.

  3. 4. Statement makers

    There's nothing wrong with just a simple white button-down and a pair of black trousers. But, why not add a few bolder items? Accessorize with a double-buckle belt and slide on some cheetah print mules

  4. 5. Business athleisure

    Athletic pants with side button might just be one of my favorite trends ever. They can be dressed down or dressed up. For an interview, glam the pants up with a pair of pointed-toe pumps and a loose turtle neck sweater. Pro-tip: unbutton the sides to show your heels!

Your resume obviously caught the firm's attention if you're sitting down for an interview. Now, you have got to dress to impress your future employer! Have a little fun with your business attire — you don't always need to be strictly formal.  

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