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What You Need to Know About Kylie Cosmetics’ 30 New Concealer Shades

Kylie Cosmetics revealed today that they will be releasing 30 concealer shades on Dec. 13, and for most beauty gurus this day couldn’t get any better. According to Bustle, the concealers are supposed to be “buildable yet lightweight,” making it the obvious go-to for covering up those finals week dark circles and stress breakouts. While we doubt the concealer’s price will leave you dorm-less, they’ll probably sell out within a nanosecond like all other Kylie products, so you’ll want to get a jump on your shopping as soon as they drop online. 


Skin Concealer Swatches. Stay tuned for more throughout the week!

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While it’s clear that Kylie spent an immense amount of time creating the concealer shades, People also suggests that Kylie Cosmetics was inspired to release a wider range of concealer options after Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty released 40 different shades of foundation, igniting a serious move of inclusiveness in the makeup community.

Kylie Cosmetics, which made nearly half a billion in profits after the company’s first 18 months, also teased us with some non-liquid lipsticks (you know, that stuff that used to be popular before matte liquid lipsticks stole the show). 

It’s clear from the Instagram teasers that Kylie’s concealer will be on everyone’s holiday wishlist. After all, Kylie even carefully crafted the concealer’s applicator. According to Cosmopolitan, the makeup magnate shared on her personal Snapchat that she “picked this paddle because it adds the perfect amount of product and you only have to dip it once in the bottle.” Although Kylie says we only need to dunk the concealer wand once to cure our beautifully sleep-deprived faces, we all know we’re going to dip at least 12 times like the extra women we are. 


Sassafras, Almond, Cinnamon, Toffee and Gingerbread, for deep skintones. Coming Dec 13 #SilverSeries

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While it’s amazing that Kylie is releasing a spectrum of shades, it might be difficult for most people to find their perfect color when they can’t actually swatch the products in person. Maybe this would give the brand a substantial reason to open stores around the world, so everyone can have the chance to test these little beauties.

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