What to Wear There: Spring Semester Events

As the temperature warms, college students are thrown into the “end-of-the-semester” craziness that is midterms, finals, spring break and job searches. In that shuffle, sometimes it’s tough to plan your outfits for the week ahead – leaving you in heels for move-out day or your night-out-on-the-town mini-dress for your sister’s afternoon wedding.

Well, don’t fear collegiettesTM, the HC staff and a few professionals are here to help take a little bit of stress out of your semester. Whether it’s midterms, dinner with a friend’s parents, or the plane ride to a tropical spring break destination, there are a couple no-fail looks and tips to help you always have the perfect outfit for any occasion!

Midterms and Exams

There aren’t really any real-world equivalents to exam week in college. For seven days it is completely normal to live on fast food and energy drinks, and in yoga pants and sweatshirts. While it’s pretty socially acceptable to put style on the back burner until that last test is done, you shouldn’t have to completely sacrifice feeling cute. Trust me, confidence will do wonders for test performance – and a great outfit is the perfect way to boost your self-esteem.

I’m a classic case of a yoga-pants addict when it comes to living in the library for a week, but there are ways to make even our favorite comfy go-tos cute and stylish. Are you a classic leggings girl? “Throw on a pair with an oversized sweater or soft t-shirt,” suggests Jovana Mirabile, a fashion designer at Parsons. Stick to classic (thick!) black leggings rather than sweats.

If you can’t part with your comfortable yoga pants, stylist Elizabeth Kamm suggests dressing “for comfort smartly in cute yoga pants and a coordinating pullover hoodie.” Stores like lululemon and even Forever 21 have stylish workout clothes that don’t scream “I’m on my way to the gym.” You can even wear your yoga ensemble with sneakers and I promise you’ll still look cute.

Have a couple coffees in your system and feeling ambitious? Throw a comfy dress on with your leggings – it’ll feel exactly the same as a soft t-shirt but significantly up the style factor.

An easy way to boost your confidence and minimize your stress is to feel stylish and put together – and not like you’re too busy to put on a pair of jeans. If you can part with your tried-and-true yoga pants and leggings, opt for your favorite pair of denim and a comfortable sweater. Instant confidence booster. 

Spring Weddings and Grad Parties

Spring is notorious for semi-formal events. The warm weather is perfect for weddings and graduation parties, and as 20-something-year-olds we fit into those two invite groups pretty perfectly. It’s always a challenge figuring out what to wear this season – the weather is unpredictable, and one cloud in front of the sun can drop the temperature from sundress to cardigan weather pretty quickly.

For weddings, Kamm has a few important tips that all collegiettesTM should keep in mind! “Instead of strappy heels opt for platform pumps or pump wedges. Not only are they chic, but they will also fare a little better on grass if the ceremony or reception is outside.” She also suggests bringing a tailored jacket or pashmina to have as the temperature gets colder later in the the day. A jacket “should closely match the color of your dress. For a pashimina, any color lighter than your dress usually makes the greatest visual impact.” Mirabile adds, “Try to stay away from too much 'glitz' (or white) as you do not want to take away from the bride!”

When it comes to graduation parties, the Her Campus staff has an overwhelming favorite – dresses! Whether in a soft floral print or the classic LBD with fun jewelry, you really can’t go wrong. Although sometimes it’s hard to know the dress code ahead of time, take a cue from where the event is being held. A reception space at a country club? Opt for a dressier look, or add a classic strand of pearls. If the party is a backyard barbeque, a black dress and pearls probably won’t be appropriate. As a rule of thumb, save your LBD for the more formal, indoor occasions – on a hot summer day, it is the last color you’ll want to be wearing.