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What It’s Like to Be An ASOS Student Insider

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% from Her Campus.

As an ASOS Student Insider — very rad job, by the way — I cover music, travel, fashion and career pillars to keep my fellow students in the know. Being a senior at Georgia State University, much of my time goes to studying and class. When I’m not doing that, I’m either blogging on my career site Musings of Krav or scoping out the latest trends on campus. Just in case you were curious, everyone is very into Adidas sneakers and podcasts right now — including me.

Wearing ASOS Premium Blazer and Pant in Jacquard 

ASOS has always been my favorite site to shop on. I’m the girl that likes having interesting clothes that nobody else has (sorry, not sorry!) — and with such a wide range of cool stuff, ASOS just gets it. I find everything from cool denim to stand-out suits for my internships. Because let’s face it, gone are the days when sweatpants were a college kid’s uniform. ASOS is practically fashion heaven for the stylishly inclined collegiate. Not to mention, there’s a 10% discount available exclusively to students, which is valid 24/7, 365 — sweet! All you have to do is sign up with your university email address. So what are you waiting for? Get your discount code now!

Wearing Adidas Superstar, Available on ASOS.com

I know you’re probably wondering what I do as an insider. Each month, I write articles or create videos for ASOS on Campus. I also interview career it-girls like Vashtie Kola and fashion editors like Marissa Smith. Plus, I even get to shoot and style friends for editorial pieces, which is very exciting. I showcase my sartorial chops as well. You can almost always catch me in suits, oxfords, sneakers and anything printed. I’d like to say I’m a print enthusiast. 

Wearing ASOS Longline Blazer with Slim Pant and Mercury Pointed Shoe

A big (and super-fun) part of my duty as an ASOS Student Insider is creating content on social media every day. I style myself in ASOS clothing, and when I’m not in my journalism and film classes, I snap street-style photos on campus and flat lays of my outfits for Instagram and Twitter. My favorite thing to shoot is shoes — they’re usually the highlight of my look. I literally spend hours on the ASOS sneaker section, it’s so difficult not to buy them all! That is, until I remember my college budget, of course. Being a Student Insider allows me to dabble in every part of the creative realm, which in turn, inspires other students to engage with our brand. Being able to write, style, photograph, edit, film and learn about social media marketing and branding is invaluable to me as a budding professional. 

Callie is a Senior Associate of Integrated Marketing at Her Campus. She works with the Client Services team to develop and execute all of Her Campus's amazing events! Prior to joining Her Campus, Callie worked at the Hearst Corporation as a Marketing Manager for Esquire Magazine. Callie is a native of the Boston area and a graduate of Ithaca College’s Park School of Communications. When Callie is not in the office, she is spending time with her five brothers, finding any reason to start a dance party or organizing someone’s closet (seriously!)