What Fashion Blogger You Should Follow on Instagram, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Ever feel lost in the fashion universe? Well don’t fear, because that’s where fashion influencers come in. Giving their two cents on how they find their perfect looks, these babes can inspire you to revamp your own style. But which blogger has the perfect outfits for you? We checked with ~the stars~ to see how they align you with some of the coolest ladies on the 'gram, and here’s which fashion blogger you should follow on Instagram based on your Zodiac sign.

 Virgo: @alyssainthecity

When it comes to clothes, if it isn’t well-tailored, you want no part of it! Virgos are typically refined, practical, hardworking and adventurous! If you’re a Virgo, check out Alyssa Coscarelli (@alyssainthecity) for all the core elements of Virgo style. Alyssa aims for clean-cut, yet easy-to-manage style choices, with tailored silhouettes and dynamic patterns. Her tops and dresses look especially tailored to her frame, making every outfit flattering whether it's for going out or chilling on the weekend (as every Insta blogger must do).

Libra: @itsamrit


last night on my way to DJ @primos.tribeca opening! to @aisa_blue +team

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As a Libra, you’re down for wearing anything edgy and sophisticated. Social butterflies and artists at heart, Libras go for the boldest fashion statements while keeping things classy. Amrit Ramya (@itsamrit) is the fashionista for you! Amrit is always sporting the most badass outfits featuring sharp lines, rough textures and, yes, a whole lot of black. Amrit’s love for dark colors and pretty prints makes her style perfect for the social Libra, who needs to transition from day to night easily.

Taurus: @mejiwoo103

If you’re a Taurus, you're one to set trends instead of following them. As a fashion-forward gal, Jiwoo Jung (@mejiwoo103 on Instagram) is the best to follow on your Insta as she always has a new trend up their sleeve. Jiwoo has her own clothing line and rocks an eclectic style full of graphic tees, long skirts and other items that may seem to clash, but actually work well together. She’s always reaching for the brand-name, higher quality pieces, which totally plays to the Taurus’ tendency to put quality above anything else.

Gemini: @y.asmeena


cozy gal.

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Geminis are suckers for clothes with a modern flare and a classic twist, and Yasmeena Rasheed (@y.asmeena on Instagram) is the living embodiment of that style. Yasmeena’s modest (yet ultra-chic) style has heads turning, which is what Geminis are known for. Geminis are always focused, inquisitive and expressive, so their style usually gravitates toward warm neutrals with a little something special thrown in. They're also pros at coordination and matching pieces up flawlessly. All these trends and more are a must in Yasmeena’s style, so give her a follow for top-notch modern fashion.

Aries: @juicegee

Your sign oozes confidence, passion and agency––and so does your style. Street style and sporty looks like the ones Juice Gee (@juicegee on Instagram) wears are your go-to for any occasion. Like Juice, you ride the fine line between comfort and creativity with your clothes and end up with ensembles that are sexy, cool, and laid back all at the same time.

Cancer: @alwaysmeliss

Cancers are a breath of fresh air––the sweet sign that's a sucker for soft and elegant fashion. Melissa (@alwaysmeliss on Instagram) channels Cancer fashion with her breezy floral skirts and lacy tops. Whether you venture into darker or lighter colors, you love to add a feminine touch and stick to the classiest, most classic pieces you can find. As a Cancer, you're sensitive, imaginative and bursting with energy, and Melissa emanates all those traits whether she's going boho, professional or beach chic. 

Pisces: @studiomucci


Unicorns have feelings too.

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Of all the signs, you are definitely the style unicorn and you show it off with flying colors. You are a total dreamer and artist that throws herself into the fashion world without fear, just like Amina Mucciolo (@studiomucci on Instagram)! Like Amina, you love to stand out and choose clothes that shine with bright pops of color. Cute quotes/characters on tees or statement sweaters are staples in your closet. You feel comfortable no matter what you're wearing, and your expressive personality makes anything work. Check out Amina for more #PiscesGirlMagic.

Sagittarius: @madelynnfurlong

As a Sagittarius, you're intelligent, dependable, and enthusiastic––especially about fashion. Follow Madelynn Furlong (@madelynnfurlong on Instagram) as her sartorial choices are on-point for your tastes. Madelynn sports pieces that never go out of fashion, reaching for old school classic looks (think: high-waisted shorts, white dress shirts, fitted trenchcoats and penny loafers) that are sure to work no matter what the occasion. Classic, fashionable pieces that are just what a dependable and smart Sagittarius needs.

Leo: @tifforelie



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Vibrancy, confidence, and boldness are the style vibes for Leos! They'll always embrace a new trend no matter how peculiar, which makes them stand out from everyone else. Tiffany's (@tifforelie) style screams Leo, since she's always trying new things and pairing special combinations for her looks. Orange tends to be her fave color throughout her wardrobe, which illustrates the brightness Leos are known for!

Capricorn: @stylepantry


@shopfksp Floral Crop Top x Belted Peg Trousers. Link in bio for more ‘fit details.

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For Capricorns, "professional" is practically their middle name. And style bloggers like Folake (@stylepantry) have nailed Capricorn's style choices. Folake's impeccable fashion sense is will have any Capricorn feeling inspired, with her fresh and fun takes on professional wear. Capricorns are grounded and ambitious, so they're always ready for any opportunities that may come toward them. Sleek silhouettes and business casual wear are a must in Folake's closet, but she'll always liven them up with awesome patterns and color palettes.

Aquarius: @fashionaddict93 


How Many B!tches could've did this with Finesse? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ShotBy: @a_n.d.y

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As an Aquarius, you walk through life in popping patterns and prints! As the sign who's individualistic, humanitarian and intuitive, you make sure your style incorporates something unexpected, like a loud print or puzzling florals. Indy Rose (@fashionaddict93) is all about those unique pieces, from two-toned high-waisted jeans to lemon yellow jumpsuits! Her fashion stays in its lane and sets trends people haven't even thought about yet! Get inspired by innovative fashion and follow Indy's Instagram for true Aquarius style. 

Scorpio: @heygorjess

Scorpios know what they like and they usually stick with it! They're determined, focused, and natural born leaders that keep up flawless uniforms that slay onlookers every time. Jessica Franklin (@heygorjess) definitely has an ongoing theme in her wardrobe––bralettes and crop tops. Basically, if she can rock her fabulous midriff, then she will (and all power to her). Like many Scorpios, she gets creative with this theme whenever she dresses up and reworks the crop top look into many different forms.

Whatever your sign, there's so much incredible fashion advice and ideas you can get just from a scroll through all these feeds. Find what speaks the most to you and follow them along as your fashion tastes evolve.