What Earrings You Should Wear, According to Your Zodiac Sign

The start of a new season brings with it the perfect opportunity to update your wardrobe. It can be easy to forget that to have your look be complete, you need to get the accessories to match. This summer, try buying the jewelry to go with your Zodiac sign.


Perfect for a summer day, these Madewell oversized hoop earrings are the perfect accessory for Aquarius. These earrings are as independent as you, able to perfectly make your style look complete without any other accessories. As Madewell recommends, these hoops go well with a strapless dress, and their vintage gold color gives a desirable aged appearance while actually being new and dependable.  The skinny hoops should keep your ears feeling light while still getting the big hoop trend which is so in style.


Oxbow Designs All People Statement Earrings will express your artistic side to everyone you see. The face-like wires will give a hint of mystery and originality to any outfit you choose to wear this summer. Pair them with a simple maxi dress for a summer brunch or a flirty romper for a night out searching for romance.


For Aries, these classic summer hoops are the best way to go. Rachel Petty, an Aries from James Madison University’s class of 2017 says “I love pretty big, classic silver hoops. It’s the Jersey in me.” These types of hoops are always jaw-dropping and will surely blow everyone away. For a go-getter like Aries, wearing earrings that will let you go anywhere in style is the only logical option.


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While these might be a bit on the pricey side, there’s no need to hide your ambition. Instead, put it to good use and save up for some shiny new earrings. When diamonds are your birth stone, they are really the only jewel worth wearing. So of course, Tauruses should be shining in diamonds this summer. To stay on trend, add some giant hoops to the mix. These Milano Simulated Diamond Station Hoop Earrings are a modern take on the always classic diamonds.


This spin-off of the classic hoop could only be truly appreciated by someone as adaptable as Geminis. Lauryn Higgins, a graduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, prefers a “subtle, simple and classic rose gold hoops.” Get yourself a twin pair of Lana Jewelry Large Upside Down Hoops. Their lightweight appearance and natural flow is perfect for the summer breeze and also for your air sign.


With the moon as your ruling planet, it only makes sense to show it off. Cancers should try these crescent moon earrings wherever they’re going this summer. Wear them with bright colors to liven them up during the day, or a white dress to match the moon at night. They will also match perfectly with those romantic nights which Cancer’s love so much.


The perfect earrings to get people to admire Leos this summer are these something gold and flashy. Your competitive edge will be satisfied by people’s adoration for your new bling. Embrace the color that’s meant for Leos with patterns that will shine as bright as the sun. Ebony Joseph, a leo and 2015 grad of the University of Florida said her favorite earrings are “Big, gold and bold! It’s simple and classic but enough of a showstopper for the royal sign.” This twist on the classic hoop by Flaca Jewelry adds some originality so that you’re earrings are sure to be fire this summer.


For those so down to earth as virgos, it only makes sense to get earrings made out of the natural, wood. They’re easy to find on Etsy or at your local farmers market. Then, spend some time in nature to enjoy the scenery while getting the perfect Insta with your new earrings and a beautiful background.


Libra’s love balance and these cute tassel earrings will add a harmony to your outfit with a fun flair. Pick them up in a few different colors, from blush to mint, and you can mix and match with your friends. Dakota Johnson, a fellow Libra, has been spotted wearing these earrings. So choose gold or silver and the color for the tassels, and rock these earrings all summer long.


For people as resourceful as Scorpios, earrings made out of recycled materials are an obvious choice. These earrings made out of a recycled magazine are a perfect example of the type of original and inventive jewelry that will be perfect for this summer. Match them to your outfit, or create some contrast with two different bright colors.


These flowered hoops are about as summery as it gets and perfect for Sagittarius’. Wear your optimism on your shoulders with these vibrant pieces. Anthropologie’s Mireille Floral Drop Earrings are classic, yet playful which give a vibe of relaxation this summer. Show off your perky personality and pair them with a polka-dot outfit.


Responsible Capricorns know that to get incredible earrings, you don’t have to splurge. These Johnny Loves Rosie Tassel earrings are completely affordable and yet still totally cute. The black fringes are totally the right color for you and will go well with whatever you wear. Just be sure not to tangle your hair in these danglies — maybe try an updo.

So, as you finish up finals, reward yourself with a new purchase. Buy the pair of earrings that are perfect to complete your outfits all summer long. No matter what style you are going for, your zodiac sign will stay the same, so choosing the right earrings for your Zodiac sign will always go with you.