We're Not Letting Sunglasses Die In the Winter — Here are 4 Pairs We're Wearing RN

You’re going to want to dust off your favorite sunnies because the quintessential summer accessory is getting a winter makeover. For some unfounded reason, we seem to collectively believe that sunglasses are only to be worn during the warmer months (literally, who made this rule?). Maybe it’s because winter weather is constantly overcast, or because it’s too painful to look at the cheerful colored lenses and remember a time where it wasn’t freezing outside — who knows. I, for one, would like to challenge this notion by stating that sunglasses are an accessory that can (and should) be worn year round. I know, sounds outrageous right?

The benefits that you get from wearing sunglasses during the summer (protection against cancer and wrinkle-causing UV rays, looking cute AF, etc) still apply when you incorporate them in cold weather outfits. Besides, have you ever experienced the sun shining directly on fresh snow? That sh*t is BLINDING. Luckily, the trendy glasses that match all your favorite summer outfits have a winter counterpart that looks just as adorable. No worries if wearing glasses in the winter is a foreign concept — we’ve got our favs lined up and ready to be styled with your chilly weather wardrobe.

Small glasses and chunky sweaters

The small sunglass trend that took this summer by storm can easily be transitioned to your winter wardrobe. Try pairing them with your favorite oversized sweater for a look that's balanced and chic. 

Round frames and beanies


Pairing circular frames with a beanie can help round out the rest of your look (and yes, that was an intentionally bad pun). Simple wired frames aren't overwhelming and add some structure to an otherwise simple outfit choice. 

Colored lenses and bold prints


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Bright sunnies add a pop of color to any outfit but are even more auspicious when paired with an eye-catching print. This combo of narrow red lenses and bold cheetah print are a match made in heaven. 

Classic retro frames and hoop earrings

The thing about classics are that they pair well with everything, and these frames are definitely no exception. This pointed style manages to be vintage and modern at the same time for an overall timeless look. Adding in some square hoop earrings only adds to that classic feel. More is more, after all.

If you're still not convinced that sunglasses can be a winter accessory, pop on your favorite pair and try to channel the warmer vibes from summer just for fun. From here on out, you'll have to pry our sunnies from our cold, frozen hands because we are not letting them die this winter.

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