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We Have So Many Questions About The Jacket-Backpack Hybrid Rihanna Designed

Rihanna and Puma have always been a match made in heaven. I mean, those Fenty slides? Must. Have.

The musician-turned-designer showed her latest collection at fashion week, and we’ve been stalking the collection online since. Of course, we can’t afford that drool-worthy $1,800 off-the-shoulder jacket or even the $150 track pants (yes really), but it never hurts to look, right?

Well, Rihanna, we have some questions about one particular item—the “Bomber-Jacket Backpack,” which is exactly what it sounds like. 

It’s a combination we never imagined would exist—but hey, if you have $450 to spend, this jacket-backpack hybrid could be yours. We want to know: Can it be worn multiple ways? Are any of the parts removeable? How much fits into this thing? Is this an accessory you can wear year-round? Does it go with everything?? 

Honestly, we’re pretty sure only Rihanna could actually pull this off, but if you’re looking for a backpack that will also keep you warm this winter, this is the one.

  Ariana is a Los Angeles native who is obsessed with fashion, celebrities, music, and food. She is a journalism student in Medill at Northwestern University who enjoys reading fashion and entertainment blogs and magazines. Ariana's favorite things to do are travel, explore Los Angeles, discover new music groups, and of course watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Ariana loves writing and sharing her experiences with you and hopes you enjoy reading her stories.   
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