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Topshop’s Latest Jeans Are Drunk & They Need to Go Home

See-through is definitely in right now, especially when it comes to bags and—unfortunately—shoes. They’re cute and all but if you try wearing see-through heels, chances are your feet will sweat and it will get mad uncomfortable (not to mention gross). Always one to jump on the trend train, Topshop created some ~unusual~ pants made entirely of see-through plastic. The brand admitted that the pants aren’t ideal for everyday wear. Oh, really? I wonder why. According to Cosmopolitan, Topshop claims that the pants would be perfect “as a statement piece for a festival or costume party.” The brand continued by recommending to “take the look to the extreme with a bikini and sequin jacket or dress [them] down, layered under an oversized jumper or asymmetric hem dress.” Hey Topshop, do you know how hot it is in a crowd? I would probably take these pants off in the middle of the festival.

In case you’re debating whether or not to buy these pants, you will be happy to hear that they are in fact machine-washable, which is unexpected. Also, the “jeans” come in Topshop’s MOTO cut, meaning that they’re the perfect straight leg, cropped just above the ankle. #fashion

Of course the Internet never fails to make us laugh, and Twitter had the best reactions:


On the bright side, you’ll never have worry about stains or fading denim, and they’ll also last you literally a million years, because plastic. All these perks for a mere $100! Wow!

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