Top Bikini Styles For Your Shape

Bikini season: potentially the most distressing season for girls. Whether or not you’ve spent the last few months or weeks eating well and going to the gym regularly, there are few girls who feel comfortable baring all on the beach. But there’s one simple way to make this easier, and it doesn’t involve diet or exercise – all you have to do is know how to dress your shape.

If you have an: Athletic Figure or Small bust

The first thing is that a bikini is probably better for your shape than a one-piece, as a bikini will break up the straight line a little and give you the illusion of more curves. You might want to try a pattern since, as well as being fun, they just add a little more detail – something that you can easily pull off! Or, if you don’t fancy a pattern and just want a block color bikini, then choose something with a frill, which will add detail and shape.

Where to buy? This patterned bikini from Target is both fun and easy on the wallet at $34!


If you have: Bigger Boobs

So it’s no secret that girls with bigger boobs will need a different bikini to those with an athletic figure, but there is no reason that requiring a little bit of extra support should mean that you won’t be able to find a cute bikini! ASOS is a great place to start looking as they have a whole section online devoted to DD+ bikinis and these come at all different prices; ideal! Most girls would love to have your boobs, so show them off with block color or a halter/plunge bikini top. You’ll look fabulous!

Where to buy? This gorgeous Pour Moi bikini is perfect and is available from ASOS. It's a little more expensive as it is $69.58. It comes in cup sizes A-G so even if you don’t have bigger boobs you can still get it! This color is so fun and will look great if you have a tan.